DIY – Spiral Earrings

These earrings are also so dainty and lovely.  It is amazing what can be done with  a piece of wire.

Spiraled Earrings

Here is a fancy way to make a Spiral Earring:

Tools you will need are:

20 Gauge wire

Wire Cutters

Ball Peen Hammer

Metal Block

Quarter inch dowel

Jewelry cleaning cloth



How to make it:

Grab your 20 gauge wire and cut it at 3 and 1/8th inch

With your the Ball Peen Hammer on the flat side instead of the round side, pound it on the Metal Block to flatten it.  The Metal block is important to make sure that it gets flattened.  At this point, clean your metal with the jewelry cloth.  When it is nice and shiny.  Wrap the wire around the dowel.  To make the ends curvier grab the pliers to round the ends.

Spiral Earring 2Tales of the Shop:


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