DIY: Pearl Pendant and Pearl Ring

Pearl Pendant

This Stunning Pearl Pendant is so unique and beautiful.  The pendant that you make can be soldered on to a sterling silver ring band, and you can create a matching ring and pendant.  Here is how my dad made it:

Tools and Equipment Required:

Sterling Silver Orzo-Shaped Pendant Mounting

Hollow Sterling Silver

Domed Sterling Silver Blank

Sterling Silver Ring

Pearl Half Drilled

Sterling Silver Necklace



Steps on how to make this wonderful necklace:

My dads pendant requires soldering the the tubing and the domed sterling silver blank together.

But I found something is much easier, Take the Sterling Silver Orzo Shaped Pendant Mounting, your Half drilled pearls, take you glue, and put it on the wire part of the mount, and hold the pearl until it sticks into place, and then it is done.  The same process is used to make the Sterling Silver Ring.

Here is a list of Pearl Pendants that you can choose from, and you can decide what style you like.

And a list of Pearl Rings that you can choose from, the same process applies, pick the pearl you would like, get the epoxy glue, and there you have your own Pearl Ring and Pendant that is just your style!

That is what I love about making jewelry there are so many options out there of what you can make!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Tales of the Shop:

Last year we went to Easter with some of our Michigan friends, it was during that trip that my husband decided that he wanted to change his post doc to Ames Iowa.  I remember being devestated that I needed to leave my beloved Canada, but knew that it needed to be done.  Now here I am typing away in Ames Iowa.  Who knows where we will be next year!

Have a safe and happy Easter!

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