DIY Pearl Pendant

pearl pendant


Hello everyone! How has your week gone?

This is what our week is looking like:

Tearing out the linoleum and putting in beautiful grey tile. It is hard to have the house in disarray (because it already is without added help!) But I must remind myself that one month of craziness will give us many YEARS of enjoyment, or at least two years of beautiful tile.



My Mare Mare is growing so fast!  4 Months going on 16.  She is perfect!


The artist that I wanted to sponsor this week was Emma Stone.  Her jewelry tends to be minimal or not at all! A girl after my own heart. So after a fun Pinterest search, I found my picture:

picture found from the site InStyle

I saw that beautiful pearl necklace and then began the process of making this simple, classic pendant.

I gathered all my tools:


Made sure my helpers were involved in their own projects, and then entered into the creative zone:


The jewelry supplies you will need are:

Find any chain! (My boys gave me a chain with an A on it for my birthday, which was so thoughtful of them)  I have a feeling that you will have a necklace chain that would like a revamp!)

Head Pin

Fancy Jump Pin

Glass Pearl or a Real Pearl of any size or color

The Jewelry Tools:


Round Nose Pliers



How to make it!

Grab your Pearl and Head Pin, slide the pearl onto the head pin.

DSC_0683 DSC_0686

With your Round Nose Pliers, on the opposite side of the ear pin wire circle the wire around the round nose plier like this:


It should look like this:


Now I straighten the wire, to know how much to cut the wire down by the pearl.  The reason I started doing this is because it takes the guesswork out of how much to cut off on the end that counts, which is by the pearl, I found myself cutting the wire too short, and then it was the waste of a head pin.

DSC_0695 DSC_0698

Because the wire and the Pearl are so close together, it is tricky to make the circle, but it can be done!


Open up your Jump ring:

DSC_0691To take out whatever charm you have if you are trading off charms, or if you need to open it up to put on the chain.

Close it:


Grab your pearl pendant and hook it onto the jump ring.


Close the circle, and you are done!


And just like that you have a beautiful classic necklace that can be worn with anything!


And in case your were wondering, here are the lego creations:

DSC_0727 DSC_0731

The reason why I chose Emma Stone for my inspiration this week, is because she happened to be a show called La La Land, that is sweeping the nation, and I may be as dramatic to say even the world?!  I have not seen it, but I heard this song, and it really spoke to me.

Hearing this song makes me cry. It means a lot to me. I am a dreamer, always have been and I suspect always will be.

My dad is a dreamer, he is a jeweler who has owned his business for more than thirty years, and his business has taken lots of twists and turns.  Yet the thing that remains is his passion for  his trade.

I married a Scientist whom I would not associate as a dreamer type,  is also a dreamer as well. He was offered a job this past weekend that was what he thought he wanted, but felt that he wanted to go another way. Although it was hard to say no, I admired him for being brave to chase another dream.

I am learning that the journey of the becoming process is what it is all about!  In the end I have a feeling that everyone is a dreamer, so here is to all of us, “Crazy as we may seem!”

P.S. I am wearing the pearl pendant, but my blasted hair is covering it!!! I was dealing with a little lamb that was trying to eat the computer, and realized that you cannot even see the necklace until the very end. I was going to make another video, but then realized that Jamesy boy was having a great time as you can see in the background putting  makeup in the carpet. So I decided that this video would have to do, because every minute counts in this house, in regards of keeping things safe and intact!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!

How our Etsy shop is doing!

Our etsy shop has been opened for a little more than two years.  It has been so fun to see our Etsy shop grow and have more products added to it.  Every time we have an order, I still get SUPER EXCITED.  And I have a feeling that will never change:)  There are so many wonderful jewelers and products out there, that it is a blessing every time someone chooses us.  All I can say is Thank you! Read more

Our Top Ten Youtube Videos

It is so exciting to be able to make a Top Ten Youtube Count.  A special tribute goes out to my family who made all of these videos.  It is fun to see these youtube videos and the story that goes behind them.  The countdown will begin from the least viewed to the most viewed video.

101 Link Parties!

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How to Make a Pearl Ring

collageWe have made about 12 youtube videos and this beautiful pearl ring has the most views by a lot!

This is by far my favorite ring that my dad makes.  How I love this Pearl Ring!  This youtube video is incredible. It makes me really appreciate the talent that my dad has in both designing and making the jewelry. Read more

Celebrate your Anniversary with a Birth Stone!

Celebrate your Anniversary with a Birth Stone!

I have finally found a way to accumulate all the birthstones!   And that is through celebrating your Wedding Anniversary or any anniversary.  I focused on the Birthstones.  But there are several lists out there that has something for every year.  It will take time to get all of the birth stones…but it is possible!


January – Garnet – the stone of “Passion” -18th year

February – Amethyst – the stone of “Sincerity” – 4th and 6th year

March – Aquamarine – stone of “Beauty and Loyalty” – 16th and 19th year

April – Diamond stone of “Love around the world” – 30th and 60th year

May – Emeraldstone of “Everlasting love” – 20th, 35th and 55th year

June – Pearlstone of “Love and Happiness” – 1st, 12th, and 30th year

July – Rubystone of “Fire and Passion” 40th year

August – Peridotstone of “Dignity and Protection” 16th year

September – Sapphirestone of “Loyalty and Fidelity” 45th year

October – Opal stone of “Hope, Happiness and Truth” 14th and 18th year

November – Topaz –  Stone of “Strength” – 4 and 19th year, 23rd year will get an Imperial Topaz

December – Tanzanite stone of “Healing and Spirituality” 24th year

There are several lists out there of Anniversary gifts and meanings, like this one, this one.  or this one.  So the best strategy to receive as many jewels as possible, is to go through all the lists on google and start adding up all the jewelry that you definitely deserve!

So have fun looking and dreaming of all the fun pieces of jewelry out there.  My husband and I have been married for six wonderful years.  So according to this list, the jewelry items I qualify for are an Amethyst, Pearl and Topaz.  I also know that if I  search long enough, there are some more jewels that I could add!

Tales of the Shop!

My parents have been married 31 years.  They are wonderful and my brothers and sisters are lucky to have them as parents!

Nicole will have been married three years when January comes.  Her husband actually proposed to her on Halloween day!

Thomas will have been married two years when March comes.

They are wonderful additions to the family and we are so grateful to have them!

*Every birthstone is highlighted, when you click on it, that is the jewelry piece that I would love to receive!

** The pictures at the beginning of the post are of my husband and I at our reception.  Then fast forward six years, this is our family now.  I am one lucky girl!




How to Drill A Pearl.

How to Drill A Pearl.

Hoops By Hand LogoThere is more than one way to drill a pearl and this is how we drill pearls in the shop.  My sweet little sister Lisa is the expert pearl driller in the family.  I have done it, and it was a lot of fun, but Lisa is the one who won out on this sweet job.  Making jewelry in the family is kind of like a try out, we see who has the most skill in that area like soldering, pearl drilling, winding, pounding rings, etc.   There really is no winner or loser in the jewelry making process because my dad teaches us almost all the skills, but there are certain areas that we specialize in.  And Lisa specializes in pearls.  As you watch this awesome you tube video, you might wonder why the pearl is drilled while in the water.  It is because the water helps the pearl not heat up.  Because if the pearl does heat up it will crack.

Special pliers kept closed by a wire help the pearl not to slip and has a hole in it for the drill to go through, it is easier than you might think to chip the pearl, that is why when you put the bit in it needs to be straight in and out, or else a chip occurs.  And a pearl is very unforgiving when chipped because the brilliant/shiny outer layer is gone and the pearl where chipped is dull and must be thrown away.  A diamond bit is used because it is strong enough to drill into a sea shell and is tough enough to be able to drill a couple thousand pearls.  However we usually break it before then ( which is not on purpose!)



Tales of the Shop

Last week we talked about our favorite pieces of jewelry that we like to make, and so naturally I wanted to know what was the least favorite job in the shop.  Jewelry making is a lot of fun, but there are some tedious parts in jewelry making…

Collette – Pounding Rings

Mom – “Least favorite job is making low dome rings because I wasn’t very good at it.  My hands weren’t strong enough to wind and match the rings and the saw that is used to cut out the sizes frightened me.  So I left those to Dan.”

Lisa -“I do NOT like cratexing.  It’s hot.  Burns your fingers, and sometimes gets ya!!”

Thomas – “Probably soldering stems on the earring pieces!”

Dad – “Cleaning a tarnished batch of jewelry and cleaning jewelry with set stones in it.  Getting the gunk out from under the prongs that rest against a stone like a diamond doesn’t even seem like it should be called goldsmithing.”

Nicole -“Swedging which is reducing the metal with a machine it’s messy loud and tedious.”

Angela – Going through this list I thought, yeah that one isn’t my favorite, that one either, or that one.  But the winner is making a knot ring, it is hard to make a knot in the wire.  I would use all my strength and it just wouldn’t be tight enough.  I remember working all day on knot rings and I only made thirty, which is why I wasn’t the main knot ring maker:)

All you Ever wanted to know about a Pearl!

All you Ever wanted to know about a Pearl!

Hoops By Hand LogoI love, love, love pearls. In my eyes there is nothing that is so simple and yet elegant. So here is my tribute to the beautiful pearls. I love real pearls.  Whenever I receive a pearl, I do the check to see if it is real. If you scrape the pearl against your teeth and it is really smooth, then chances are that it is made out of plastic or resin. That trick may not always work… So if you are still wondering if it is real, look at the shape of the pearl. If it perfectly round, you may be looking at a glass pearl. Pearls, because they are made in nature, are not perfectly round.

I asked my dad a lot of questions about pearls and it was a very interesting hour indeed.

1. How are pearls made?
A bit of sand gets into the clam shell and it irritates them because it is sharp and bugs them. They secrete a liquid to coat the grain of sand and it is called nacre. Nacre doesn’t leave their system. Instead it builds up around the grain of sand in layers. The bigger the pearl, the more valuable it is. Nacre has a luster to it.

2. Where do you find pearls?
A hundred years ago, pearls were found by deep sea divers that would retrieve clams and find valuable pearls. Today that is very rare. The modern way of making a pearl is that they take a sea shell of traditionally abalone, and they form them into different sized beads, 3 mm 10 mm, 2mm. Then they open up the clam shell and shove the bead inside. They put the clams in the water in an enclosed area. Then it is a waiting game for the clams to grow a few or several layers of nacre over the bead. There is a law that there has to be a certain layer of nacre, which is why it is important to get your pearls from a reputable person or company.

3. What do you think is interesting about pearls?
Sometimes the clam doesn’t make a circle. Sometimes the sand gets stuck on the wall of the shell and that is called a Mabe or blister pearl. They cut out the mabe or blister pearl shape with a little margin of the clam shell around it and make that into a piece of jewelry, usually enhancing it with gold and silver. It doesn’t happen often–really one of a kind. Here are some examples of a Mabe.

4. What color of Pearl is the most valuable?  The most desirable is a black pearl. They are in a different kind of clam usually found in Polynesia. The Japanese pearl, the Akoya, is also a black, valuable pearl.

5. How do you take care of pearls?
Do not soak pearls. Just get a wet cloth and wipe them down. If on a ring, get a soft toothbrush because the pearl is softer than your tooth enamel. Don’t get the pearl wet because there is a hole in the pearl and can be damaged from the  inside out. Don’t put it in an ultrasonic cleaner because it will break the pearl up.

6. Why do you use pearls in your jewelry designs? I like to design with pearls because they reflect gold and silver really well. They reflect light uniquely. They look good against a black surface and they have a natural beautiful glow to them. We sell a lot of pearls in the jewelry business.

Tales of the Shop
We all have a favorite item of jewelry to make. When we are able to make it, we have a fun day in the shop!
Collette – “Making a simple hoop earring…something so simple but so elegant!”
Angela – “Spiral Earrings found at I love them because they were one of the harder pieces of jewelry for me to learn and involved a lot of fun steps like soldering, smashing, annealing and twisting.”
Nicole – “Ear wraps, especially soldering on the charms”
Lisa – “I like doing french wires; you know, the part you thread through your ears. When people ask what I’m making they can easily figure out what they are. Plus they’re super easy and I take them everywhere. I have good memories of sneaking them during school, choir meetings, plays, friend’s houses while we watched movies.”

Next weeks question is “What is your least favorite jewelry to make and why…”

The Four Sisters!