Knot Ring Tutorial

My dad has been in the jewelry business for over 35 years, he has seen a lot of jewelry styles come and go, and there has been one ring that has stood the test of time, and proven to be a top seller from the beginning of its existence  now, and I predict it will continue to be popular, introducing the Knot Ring.

Knot Ring yeah!


This lovely ring can be made in Rose Gold Read more

Just a Friendly Nursing Reminder Ring

When I was in Middle School my family and I were visiting my Aunt and Uncle in California.  My Aunt was feeding her sweet baby girl and she would do an unusual thing. She would switch her ring after she was done breastfeeding and put the ring on the side she just finished breastfeeding on. When her baby was ready to eat again, she starting breastfeeding her baby on the side that had the ring on it.
Nursing Ring Reminder.001

This memory has stayed with me and I thought, one day I will use this method because it is GENIUS!!!!!!!!!! Read more

How our Etsy shop is doing!

Our etsy shop has been opened for a little more than two years.  It has been so fun to see our Etsy shop grow and have more products added to it.  Every time we have an order, I still get SUPER EXCITED.  And I have a feeling that will never change:)  There are so many wonderful jewelers and products out there, that it is a blessing every time someone chooses us.  All I can say is Thank you! Read more

Classic Jewelry – Like Grace Kelly and Cary Grant

These past few weeks have been weeks full of jewelry, and I have enjoyed it immensely.

When my mom came to visit me she was able to bring jewelry to me to give to my wonderful Canadian friends who have helped me so much.

What surprised me the most is what they chose.  They did not choose my dads sculptural earrings like this:


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How to Make a Double Knot Ring

A double knot ring requires a lot of strength in your hand and arm.  All of the brothers and sisters know how to make this ring…but we do not fight over who gets to do it, because it takes a lot out of you!  I remember making these for what seemed like all day, and got a cold the next day. I was moved onto another piece of jewelry after that!  My mom usually makes the knot rings, but since blessed Caitie came into the shop, she is the new designated Knot maker, and we all could not be more thrilled!

money shot double

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Our Top Ten Youtube Videos

It is so exciting to be able to make a Top Ten Youtube Count.  A special tribute goes out to my family who made all of these videos.  It is fun to see these youtube videos and the story that goes behind them.  The countdown will begin from the least viewed to the most viewed video.

101 Link Parties!

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How to make a Double Knot Ring

Last week my mom demonstrated how to do a Knot ring.  Because of this I felt it appropriate to introduce the DOUBLE KNOT RING.  I have seen the knot ring around, but rarely do I see the Double Knot Ring.  This is a challenging design to make, just because now you have to tie a knot in two pieces of metal that does not want to be bent.  My mom is the main knot ring maker in the family because she is patient and  not afraid to take on the tough jobs.  Isn’t that what a mom is all about?

My mom is amazing and is the main reason why we were able to make jewelry.  Her main job was to set us up with all the jewelry equipment and to be our motivator and cheerleader.  In fact now that I think about it, she had the hardest job in the shop because she needed to motivate six kids to work!

Tales of the Shop:

Although we are all jewelers at heart.  As we got older each one of us chose a different profession.

Collette – Activities Coordinator at a Assisted Living Center

Angela – Music Education (choir) –  Taught one year teaching Kindergarten to eighth grade music.  Now a Stay at home mom with three awesome boys.

Nicole – Stay at home home to a beautiful little girl and a Respiratory Therapist at Primary Childrens Hospital now and then

Thomas – Financial Analyst at JP Morgan

Daniel – Is going to UVU (Utah Valley University) and wants to become a Physical Therapist

Lisa – Is going to UVU as well, and wants to become an occupational therapist