How to make a Heart earring with a pen!

How to make a Heart earring with a pen!

101 Link Parties!Hello!  I hope that you are having a wonderful January!  I for one am getting excited for Valentines day coming up:)  I recently gave my dad a challenge.  It was to create a fun design using an everyday object.  And he came up with something BRILLIANT.


Would you like to make a Heart Earring similar to this one?  You can!  My dad created this heart design using a pen!  To add to the wow factor, he completed this earring in less than two minutes.  Add it along with the fun music that Lisa put together.  And you will have a classic earring to make, that you can practice over and over again, until Valentines day where you can give them away to whomever you would like, or just keep them yourself!

The equipment used are:

20 Gauge Sterling Silver Wire that I was able to get here, Shears (Really sharp scissors to cut wire), red pliers that can be found at Home Depot, Ruler, and a pen.

Tales of the Shop!


My family knows how to celebrate birthdays.  My mom would let us have a whole week where we could use that week to make all our dreams come true!  I have recently tried to extend my birth week to a birth month.  Let me just say that January was and will always be my favorite month and I am sad to see it end.  Goodbye Birth month!!!!