52 Week Jewelry Challenge

I have lived far, far away from my family for six years and counting.  During that time I did not make jewelry.  I would get my jewelry fix whenever I visited my sweet family.


But then I would come back home and get involved with everyday life, which was fun, exciting, tiring and overall wonderful because it involved these little angels. Read more

Our Top Ten Youtube Videos

It is so exciting to be able to make a Top Ten Youtube Count.  A special tribute goes out to my family who made all of these videos.  It is fun to see these youtube videos and the story that goes behind them.  The countdown will begin from the least viewed to the most viewed video.

101 Link Parties!

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Make an earring With a Fork!

DSC_0079In honor of Valentines Day this week.  I designed some earrings made out of a fork.  There are a lot of creative people in my house.  My brothers are excellent artists, Collette has made some fun designs.  Now after all this time, I have decided to try…



Materials needed:

Fork, Sterling Silver wire that you can get here, round nose plier, plier, and wire cutter

Here is the You Tube Video:

Tales of the Shop:

5606This picture below brings back so many fun memories.  This is my oldest boy Zach who in this picture is 6 months, today he is five!  My boys are lucky to have such “Lucky” Grandparents.  Before my little family moved to Michigan, we lived 15 minutes away from my parents.  It was wonderful!  Zach and I would at least see them three times a week.  In fact my mom would take care of Zach while I made jewelry.  


101 Link Parties!


How to make a Heart earring with a pen!

How to make a Heart earring with a pen!

101 Link Parties!Hello!  I hope that you are having a wonderful January!  I for one am getting excited for Valentines day coming up:)  I recently gave my dad a challenge.  It was to create a fun design using an everyday object.  And he came up with something BRILLIANT.


Would you like to make a Heart Earring similar to this one?  You can!  My dad created this heart design using a pen!  To add to the wow factor, he completed this earring in less than two minutes.  Add it along with the fun music that Lisa put together.  And you will have a classic earring to make, that you can practice over and over again, until Valentines day where you can give them away to whomever you would like, or just keep them yourself!

The equipment used are:

20 Gauge Sterling Silver Wire that I was able to get here, Shears (Really sharp scissors to cut wire), red pliers that can be found at Home Depot, Ruler, and a pen.

Tales of the Shop!


My family knows how to celebrate birthdays.  My mom would let us have a whole week where we could use that week to make all our dreams come true!  I have recently tried to extend my birth week to a birth month.  Let me just say that January was and will always be my favorite month and I am sad to see it end.  Goodbye Birth month!!!!

Jewelry Organization

Jewelry Organization

Hoops By Hand LogoI  asked my sister Nicole if she would join me in the challenge of organizing our jewelry for the blog post this week.  She was kind enough to do it with me.  Nicole is very organized, and so what she considers unorganized is what I would love my jewelry to look like on a good day.  She also did a clever thing and put her jewelry in bags.  By doing that her jewelry will not be tarnished.  Here is what her jewelry looks like!



How my jewelry looked for many years on my dresser.


Had used this for pictures for many years and decided it would work great for jewelry that is kept in a bag to keep from tarnishing.

I would be happy if my unorganized jewelry looked like that!  I was in far worse shape.  Here is my unorganized jewelry.

Here is a what not to do!  Put all your earrings on a ribbon that can get tangled up.  It took a while to get this mess untangled!

I ran into a lot of surprises while organizing my jewelry.  First of all I saw a lot of hair things, buttons, small nails, safety pins coins and other randomness.  I didn’t realize that there was even a small horseshoe in there, where in the world did that come from?

I also found a lot of my middle school jewelry.  Thank heavens I still have my sweet golden horse earrings, that I have been able to keep track of through several moves in my life.  I am glad to know that I have my priorities on what jewelry is important and what is not!

And finally the pile of the single earrings.  It seems like jewelry are like lost pairs of socks.  No matter how hard you try to keep the pairs together, they just part there ways.  But I still will keep them, because I know one day I will find their match…

And here is the final result.  The jewelry box was a present from my sweet brother Daniel when I was in Middle School.  The clear folding jewelry holder I got from Bed Bath and Beyond.

I encourage everyone to go through their jewelry.  I went from having one pair of earrings to a lot more than that!  Now I will try to keep it organized…

Tales of the Shop:

My brothers and sisters are fairly very organized.  The most organized would be Collette and Nicole.  They are immaculate at all times.  And when they come to visit me, my house is sparkling.

The brothers are next.  Thomas has always been a clean one, and Daniel who was once messy has had quite a comeback and not only takes great care of his things but also knows how to keep his room clean.

Then Lisa and I are the non organized ones.  Lisa is cleaner than I am…So I guess I am the least organized.  Oh man, at least my jewelry is organized as of last night!

Celebrate your Anniversary with a Birth Stone!

Celebrate your Anniversary with a Birth Stone!

I have finally found a way to accumulate all the birthstones!   And that is through celebrating your Wedding Anniversary or any anniversary.  I focused on the Birthstones.  But there are several lists out there that has something for every year.  It will take time to get all of the birth stones…but it is possible!


January – Garnet – the stone of “Passion” -18th year

February – Amethyst – the stone of “Sincerity” – 4th and 6th year

March – Aquamarine – stone of “Beauty and Loyalty” – 16th and 19th year

April – Diamond stone of “Love around the world” – 30th and 60th year

May – Emeraldstone of “Everlasting love” – 20th, 35th and 55th year

June – Pearlstone of “Love and Happiness” – 1st, 12th, and 30th year

July – Rubystone of “Fire and Passion” 40th year

August – Peridotstone of “Dignity and Protection” 16th year

September – Sapphirestone of “Loyalty and Fidelity” 45th year

October – Opal stone of “Hope, Happiness and Truth” 14th and 18th year

November – Topaz –  Stone of “Strength” – 4 and 19th year, 23rd year will get an Imperial Topaz

December – Tanzanite stone of “Healing and Spirituality” 24th year

There are several lists out there of Anniversary gifts and meanings, like this one, this one.  or this one.  So the best strategy to receive as many jewels as possible, is to go through all the lists on google and start adding up all the jewelry that you definitely deserve!

So have fun looking and dreaming of all the fun pieces of jewelry out there.  My husband and I have been married for six wonderful years.  So according to this list, the jewelry items I qualify for are an Amethyst, Pearl and Topaz.  I also know that if I  search long enough, there are some more jewels that I could add!

Tales of the Shop!

My parents have been married 31 years.  They are wonderful and my brothers and sisters are lucky to have them as parents!

Nicole will have been married three years when January comes.  Her husband actually proposed to her on Halloween day!

Thomas will have been married two years when March comes.

They are wonderful additions to the family and we are so grateful to have them!

*Every birthstone is highlighted, when you click on it, that is the jewelry piece that I would love to receive!

** The pictures at the beginning of the post are of my husband and I at our reception.  Then fast forward six years, this is our family now.  I am one lucky girl!




How Niobium gets its brilliant colors

How Niobium gets its brilliant colors

Uncolored niobium looks like platinum, so it is amazing that something grey can turn into the colors of the rainbow by an electrical current. The thing that makes the makes the metal color is an electrical current. The color varies depending on the voltage used. The wire can be one color by keeping the whole earring in the electrical current and then pulling it out, or you can move the wire through the electrical current and then it becomes all the colors of the rainbow.

How do you color the metal?
Put it in water with a little soap in it or coca cola, you can use straight water but putting something in the water speeds up the process. Put an electrical current through the bath which is your water solution. Use stainless steel pliers to handle the niobium, because a lesser metal would corrode.

Here is a video made by my amazing sister that shows the process.

Tales of the Shop
This is the grand finale of the animals. We will end it with my fetching cat. This is a Maine Coon cat that has been around the shop since 2006.  She is an amazing cat that is almost like a dog.  Her name is Ping, the famous cat dog.