How our Etsy shop is doing!

Our etsy shop has been opened for a little more than two years.  It has been so fun to see our Etsy shop grow and have more products added to it.  Every time we have an order, I still get SUPER EXCITED.  And I have a feeling that will never change:)  There are so many wonderful jewelers and products out there, that it is a blessing every time someone chooses us.  All I can say is Thank you! Read more

52 Week Jewelry Challenge

I have lived far, far away from my family for six years and counting.  During that time I did not make jewelry.  I would get my jewelry fix whenever I visited my sweet family.


But then I would come back home and get involved with everyday life, which was fun, exciting, tiring and overall wonderful because it involved these little angels. Read more

Interview from the Newest Jeweler in the Shop

IMG_9883-5Thomas my brother married the sweetest girl about 2 years ago, and we think the world of her.  Her name is Caitie, and she fits in with our family perfectly.  In fact she has become a jeweler herself.  She is a violinist, and I think that must be one of the several reasons why she is so good at making jewelry.  She has been working in the shop since February 2013, and she is making styles that are advanced!  I wish I could be in the shop working with her:) Read more

10 Tips on how to help your business thrive!

dad as a boy
10 Tips on How to Make your Business Thrive!

This handsome little boy on the left is a little boy who always knew that he wanted to own his own business and be his own boss.  He grew up to not only be the best dad ever, but has had a successful Jewelry business for 30+ years.  I asked him if he could give us some tips on how to run a successful business.

1.  What motivates you?

You need to have a clear vision that motivates you.  The clearer the vision you have the more motivated you will be.  How many people do you know  have great ideas but not the motivation to go through with it?  That is why the vision of what you want is so important.

2.  How Important is the Selling Aspect of your business?

An Entrepeneur knows that selling is so important.  Sometimes people are really strong in selling, while others have a great idea but not as strong in selling. An entrepeneur is usually strong in both.  But if you are not strong in one area, it would be a good idea to hire someone who is.

4.  Where did you start selling your Jewelry?

I began selling my jewelry in Utah but there were not a lot of opportunities to sell it. So I began to sell jewelry in Magazines, and also went to California to sell my jewelry.  You need to be willing to put yourself out there, whether it be local Craft Shows, Trade shows or to Retail Store owners.  As you begin to sell your jewelry designs you will become more confident.

3.  Have you made a some jewelry pieces that did not sell?

There have been a lot of times that I made something that did not sell.  I just  keep trying and trying.  But you do get some successes and you refine it.

5.  How do you learn to finally stop selling a Jewelry piece? 

Look at the sells and go from there.  Some Jewelry Designs are so hard to make that it is not a money maker because it is not worth the effort for the price.  It is important to remember that if you haven’t made a Jewelry design in six months you need to learn how to remake it.

6.  What is your work ethic?

I work on the jewelry everyday. I think about it a lot.  Work starts to become your play.  That is when you know you are passionate about your business because it doesn’t seem like work.

7.  Has it always been that way? 

I like certain parts of the jewelry business more than others, like the designing process and finding better ways to make the pieces. Bu the selling process and making large quantities of jewelry is not as fun.  Sometimes it gets stressful, especially when there are deadlines.

8. Advice to those who has just started up their business?

It’s fun when you start up the business.  But then when it gets going it’s hard to maintain he excitement.  Deadlines force you to produce.  It is the nature of people not to work real hard.  However when you work hard and accomplish something great then you get motivated again.

9.  What to you think of selling your products online? 

Think it is a great idea.  It is important to go to trade shows though, because that is where you can meet established jewelers.   It is good to see and hear success stories of people around you.  This will give you hope that you too will be successful.  Learn from them and get some ideas that will help you.

10. How do stay excited about your business?

If I am tired of doing something I switch to something else in the business or take a break.  If you are tired of designing then just make the jewelry.  Focus on  photography.  Sign up for a trade show.  Work on the selling aspect of it. The times I have taken a little time off of jewelry I come back with a fresh new perspective on how to design and make jewelry.  Whether you realize it or not your mind is working on jewelry even though you are not!  Another idea is to go to an art gallery, Jewelry store, or something that is inspiring to remind you of why you are creating Jewelry.

ANG75 Tales of the Shop

I am so lucky to have a dad who not only has a great work ethic but truly loves what he does.  I asked my brothers and sisters if they ever thought of starting their own business like Dad, and what their business would be.

Dad – Have a store of Wood Cut printings.

Mom – Play piano to accompany for those playing the violin, flutes, singing.

Collette – Go into a Rest Home and work with people one on one who need extra help.

Angela – I would like to begin a studio of teaching voice and piano lessons.

Nicole – I have thought of starting a wedding dress business  where I could find slightly used dresses fix them up and sell them at a great price because so many people wear their dress once and then don’t know what to do with it.

Thomas – I would do a financial advisory practice.

Daniel – Start a Breakfast Cereal Buffet.

Lisa – Ice Cream Shop, and I’m still going to do it! (I have never met anyone who loves ice cream more than her!)

1/8/13-1/10/13 – We will be having a giveaway of 3 Earrings, to celebrate 3 Birthdays, My moms, Lisa’s and Angela’s.  All you need to do is Like our Facebook page.

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