14 Jewelry Wire Designs

Growing up we always had a jewelry shop in our house.  Our Jewelry Shop has extended to the outside, in the garage, basement, TV room, car, bedroom, and the list goes on and on.

That is the wonderful thing about making jewelry it is so portable!

Since I am far away from the amazing jewelry shop that has all the tools and gadgets in the world that is shown here in the video below, I had to come up with my own personal jewelry workshop, that all fits in the size of a shoe box.


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Fork Earring Tutorial with a Twist – Week 10

About a year ago, I made a youtube video on how to Make an Earring With a Fork it was my first attempt at designing jewelry.


 Because of this video the 52 Week Challenge  began to formulate in my mind.  It did take me about a year to actually get started on this challenge, but it is better to do it later than never right? Read more

Heart Dangle Earring Tutorial – Week 9

On February 20th, a sweet baby boy named James Matthew came into this world  to join his three older brothers! He is truly a joy and I feel so blessed to have him.  I took four weeks off of the blog and basically everything else in life, so I could concentrate on this little bundle of joy!


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