DIY – Pearl Earrings


I was going to write a post about how I love January because it is my birthmonth.


But then my sweet little Jamesy Boy got pneumonia and now is looking like this:


And Mare Mare got an Ear Infection, although you couldn’t tell because she looks like this:


I call her angel baby and cannot believe that babies came like this!


My husband had two job interviews this week, and so he has been gone which meant our house looks like this:


This picture is the epitome of surviving, tv, soda pop. popcorn, and of course laundry always laundry!


And yet I promised myself that I would write on my blog no matter what happens, because I WANT TO!


So I took a break from all things cleaning, and decided to stop, drop and make the jewels, and this picture was my inspiration:

Feeling chilly? The Harry Potter star kept cosy in her wet weather wear as she left the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in the city

Got this photo courtesy of Daily Mail

What is not to love about the beautiful Emma Watson?  She will always be Hermione Granger whom my boys and I adore, but she IS Belle!  I cannot wait for the movie of Beauty and the Beast!

I was looking at several pictures of her on Pinterest trying to find some earrings that I could somehow replicate, and then I saw this photo and bam, there were my earrings, that is what I want to make, classy and simple just like Emma!

Jewelry Supplies:


2 Glass Pearl Beads, any color and size of your choosing, make sure they have a drilled hole in them

Here is a helpful size chart of pearls, if you are wondering what sizes are what!

2 Head Pins

2 Ear Wires

Jewelry Tools:


Round Nose Pliers


Chain Nose Pliers



Take a head pin and bead

DSC_0755 DSC_0754

Now you are wanting to use the Round Nose pliers to create a circle, so you will need to cut the wire of the head pin.  I always struggle with knowing how much to cut off, oftentimes I cut too much and then I have too small a wire to work with.  And like hair, once you cut it, it is gone!  So I used the end of the head pin and made a circle, straightened the wire.  And then proceeded to where the pearl is, measured and the wire and then cut it.


Now it is time to make the circle with the round nose pliers

DSC_0757 DSC_0760Once you have made the circle, you need to open it up again to put the Ear Wire in, now out of all the jewelry pieces to invest in it would be the ear wire, because true to the name it is going to go into your ear.  I happen to have sensitive ears, so if I put in anything less than a quality piece of wire, my ears let me know!

DSC_0761 DSC_0763Make sure that you close the circle after the Head pin and ear wire, or else the pearl will fall off…I happen to know this through personal experience unfortunately!


And there you have it, simple yet classy piece of jewelry!


And to add to the Beauty and the Beast LOVE, I had to sing about it, I just HAD TO, featuring the earrings I happened to make!  Happy Friday the 13th!