Soffe Days at the Cabin!

This is the second annual event of Soffe days!  Actually it is the third annual Soffe days, but we the Johnsons were not there for the first one, so we don’t count it:)  This time Soffe days was held at our parent’s cabin.  This cabin is new to the family and we were excited about it, to say the least.

Growing up our Soffe Grandparents owned a cabin and we loved to visit it.  So I am grateful that my kids will have fun memories of this great cabin!


The Reunion lasted Thursday evening to Sunday, which was the perfect amount of time.  We left wanting it to never end…  Another neat thing about the cabin, is that there is no internet connection so we could also take a break from the outside world and just focus on those around us:)


Every morning, except for Sunday, our parents would leave at five in the morning to go fishing and bring back our breakfast.  My mom would be the main person who would catch the fish, because my dad would have all these ideas of how to catch the fish and would reel in his fishing hook quickly to try again.   My moms strategy was to wait patiently for the fish. But in the end you want to do what is fun for you, right?  The fun part was our kids seeing the fish.  I don’t think they had ever seen a fish that close up before.  I am definitely depriving them:)





My mom did not just want to sit around because she knew that the grandkids could not handle that. So she had each of her kids come up with an activity to do during the visit. Which was such a good idea, because when someone was getting antsy, we would pull out a game!

Beginning with Zumba provided by Aunt Lisa.  Grant, Bennett and the majority of us loved it.  However that was the day Zach decided he did not like dancing, and I found out that I needed to work on my Zumba moves:)



Then there was the obstacle course that my family was in charge of, the set up was just as fun as the obstacle course itself:) Everyone was a good sport, and there were four teams, that my boys had painstakingly put together weeks in advance of the Soffe reunion to make it fair…or have the best people on their team!








My little angel Bennett spent the whole time telling everyone that his name was Jake.  My mom loved to call him the Pirate and still does.


Nicole came up with the great idea of making capes. It was a huge hit, and luckily Dan and Lizzy were able to draw all of the amazing designs on the back.





There was a lot of eating, going on which is always a plus!  For Breakfast we had fish, waffles, pancakes, eggies, and sausage.

Lunch was sandwiches, chips, and whatever was leftover from dinner the night before.

And the Dinner meals were tacos, cream cheese chicken, foil dinners, and a roast beef dinner on Sunday.

For Dessert there was smorses and the amazing Birthday Cake.





There was a celebration of a birthday for Sweet Daniel. Lizzy was so cute to put together a wonderful birthday party. In fact their Anniversary is coming up quick, wow time flies!

DSCN5030 DSCN5071

Thomas and Caitie, put together a great trivia game, that featured questions specific to what each person would know and get a kick out of answering. Which was so sweet of them to think of what each person loves. They asked the pops how much honey a bee makes. They asked my boys to name two Pokemon. Nicole was asked a CPR question, my husband Timmy was asked how long an arm was, to utilize his measuring skills, it was so clever!


The down time was perfect. Spending time with Lucky Grandma/Mana, reading sessions, not to mention Pokemon games:) Daniel was very kind to spend quality time with my boys to make sure they knew the ins and outs of Pokemon. I have a feeling though that Dan secretly loved it!




This was such a wonderful Soffe days.  We missed having Buck and Collette with us, but know that they will be there next year.  They had a lot going on with the upcoming wedding.

The time ended too quickly, and the memories are amazing. At night time my boys could not get enough of all the festivities so they would be in the loft looking down so they would not miss a thing.


Oh the memories!

photo 1-2

DSCN4997photo 2-2

photo 3-2

Tales of the Shop

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What an amazing couple of weeks the Soffe family has had!

I will post about Soffe Days and Collette’s wedding in the next couple of weeks.


I wanted to dedicate this post to my dad.

dad as a boy

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Thank you Mom! I had no idea:)

Dear mom, as I have been rocking my sweet Little James, and dedicating a lot of time and energy to this little bundle of joy.  I am reminded yet again of how much you have done for me, long before I even appreciated or remembered all that you have done for me!  So mom, I would like to Thank you for all that you have done because I really had no idea how much work it is to be a mother, until I became one!


This is me, Angela as a little baby.

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Giveaway Time!

Check out our fun giveaway with Live Laugh Love! You have the chance to win your favorite piece of jewelry. Click heredangle nio calla for details.

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All the Link Parties in the Universe!

All the Link Parties in the Universe!

All the Link Parties in the Universe!

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