The Beginnings of Hoops By Hand

photo-26I have been asked to be a guest poster this week about my role in in the business. My wonderful sister, Angela, is the one you usually hear from and the one who runs the blog. Hoops By Hand was just an idea for a few years before anything actually came of it. As many of you know we have an amazing dad that has taught us so many things about making jewelry and selling it. He and I talked about different ideas of doing something online. I thought once I had my first child and wasn’t working full time at the hospital I felt like I’d have more time to dedicate to this idea. Ha! Anyway, eventually I studied up on websites and starting up a business. I applied for a business license and got things rolling online. Trial and error were a big part of that first year. Eventually Etsy became a great spot for us to sell and it has been a great community to be a part of. It has also allowed the website to be dedicated to learning about jewelry, our family, and learning how to make your own creative 1-10

Porter and Sophie (what most of my day is dedicated to)

Porter and Sophie (what most of my day is dedicated to)

So initially my job was the instigator of the business. Now I take the orders and talk to my mom and siblings about getting them made. I also get the fun job of packaging and shipping out the jewelry. My favorite part is I have the best little helper, my daughter, Sophie. photo 3-8She loves getting things together for our customers. She’s also become best friends with the post
office workers and has even mentioned wanting to work at the post office when she grows up, after she becomes a princess doctor of course (gotta love two year olds).photo 5-4

At times it can be tricky to balance running an Etsy shop, working at the children’s hospital once a week, and raising two adorable children but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love going back to my jewelry roots! A part of me was missing when I left the jewelry and went to school and work at the hospital. I’m so grateful to have Hoops By Hand to keep my love for jewelry alive!


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Around the Circle – A Birthday Tradition

My boys asked me the other day what my favorite holiday was and I immediately said my birthday.  They were surprised and asked why.  I said because it is the day that celebrates me.  It is selfish I know, but growing up when our birthdays approached, we got to have a birth week!

DSCN5030 DSCN5029

Now as I am a mom, I realize what a smart idea that was for my parents to think of.  If your birthday does not live up to all that you had hoped for, it does not matter because you have six more days to make all of your dreams come true. Continue reading

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Soffe Days at the Cabin!

This is the second annual event of Soffe days!  Actually it is the third annual Soffe days, but we the Johnsons were not there for the first one, so we don’t count it:)  This time Soffe days was held at our parent’s cabin.  This cabin is new to the family and we were excited about it, to say the least.

Growing up our Soffe Grandparents owned a cabin and we loved to visit it.  So I am grateful that my kids will have fun memories of this great cabin!

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How to Plan the Perfect Family Reunion

My  mom’s side is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!  She comes from a family with 5 brothers and 5 sisters.  They love to be together, and get any chance they can to be together.  Growing up we had a lot of Family Reunions, and they have perfected the art of how to throw one.


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The Perfect Love Story

How we love our older sister Collette.  To each one of us she is a mentor, friend and second mother:) I remember spending a lot of nights talking to Collette about life and  wondering what the future would hold for each of us.


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10 Things you may not know about my Dad

What an amazing couple of weeks the Soffe family has had!

I will post about Soffe Days and Collette’s wedding in the next couple of weeks.


I wanted to dedicate this post to my dad.

dad as a boy

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So much happens in a year!

Exactly a year ago from today we had our Great Family Soffe day.  I look at this picture and think of all the things that have happened this past year to each of my brothers and sisters, it has been a BIG year for all of us:)


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Top 11 Youtube Videos a Year Later

A Year and a month ago, I did our Top 10 Youtube Videos.  I wanted to look back and see if the videos were still being watched.  And found out for the most part they had, which is always the hope:)

The types of tutorials that were the most popular, were the Continue reading

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Favorite Family Dinner Recipes


Last week on my post about my amazing mom  I mentioned how we ate dinner together every night.  I look back on those memories with fondness and love.   Continue reading

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Thank you Mom! I had no idea:)

Dear mom, as I have been rocking my sweet Little James, and dedicating a lot of time and energy to this little bundle of joy.  I am reminded yet again of how much you have done for me, long before I even appreciated or remembered all that you have done for me!  So mom, I would like to Thank you for all that you have done because I really had no idea how much work it is to be a mother, until I became one!


This is me, Angela as a little baby.

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