DIY: Pearl Pendant and Pearl Ring

Pearl Pendant

This Stunning Pearl Pendant is so unique and beautiful.  The pendant that you make can be soldered on to a sterling silver ring band, and you can create a matching ring and pendant.  Here is how my dad made it:

Tools and Equipment Required:

Sterling Silver Orzo-Shaped Pendant Mounting

Hollow Sterling Silver

Domed Sterling Silver Blank

Sterling Silver Ring

Pearl Half Drilled

Sterling Silver Necklace



Steps on how to make this wonderful necklace:

My dads pendant requires soldering the the tubing and the domed sterling silver blank together.

But I found something is much easier, Take the Sterling Silver Orzo Shaped Pendant Mounting, your Half drilled pearls, take you glue, and put it on the wire part of the mount, and hold the pearl until it sticks into place, and then it is done.  The same process is used to make the Sterling Silver Ring.

Here is a list of Pearl Pendants that you can choose from, and you can decide what style you like.

And a list of Pearl Rings that you can choose from, the same process applies, pick the pearl you would like, get the epoxy glue, and there you have your own Pearl Ring and Pendant that is just your style!

That is what I love about making jewelry there are so many options out there of what you can make!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Tales of the Shop:

Last year we went to Easter with some of our Michigan friends, it was during that trip that my husband decided that he wanted to change his post doc to Ames Iowa.  I remember being devestated that I needed to leave my beloved Canada, but knew that it needed to be done.  Now here I am typing away in Ames Iowa.  Who knows where we will be next year!

Have a safe and happy Easter!

DSC_0649 DSC_0645 DSC_0618 DSC_0617 DSC_0607


DIY – Spiral Earrings

These earrings are also so dainty and lovely.  It is amazing what can be done with  a piece of wire.

Spiraled Earrings

Here is a fancy way to make a Spiral Earring:

Tools you will need are:

20 Gauge wire

Wire Cutters

Ball Peen Hammer

Metal Block

Quarter inch dowel

Jewelry cleaning cloth



How to make it:

Grab your 20 gauge wire and cut it at 3 and 1/8th inch

With your the Ball Peen Hammer on the flat side instead of the round side, pound it on the Metal Block to flatten it.  The Metal block is important to make sure that it gets flattened.  At this point, clean your metal with the jewelry cloth.  When it is nice and shiny.  Wrap the wire around the dowel.  To make the ends curvier grab the pliers to round the ends.

Spiral Earring 2Tales of the Shop:


This is my Grandpa Finch and his trusty dog Fast Runner.  Their relationship is one of the ages, wherever Grandpa goes, he is right beside him.  A couple of months ago Fast Runner was hit by a car, and Grandpa did all that he could to make sure that he was all right.  Fast Runner has since recovered.  Now Grandpa just barely went in for back surgery and recovering.  I know that Fast Runner is waiting patiently for his friend who will return.




Knot Ring Tutorial

My dad has been in the jewelry business for over 35 years, he has seen a lot of jewelry styles come and go, and there has been one ring that has stood the test of time, and proven to be a top seller from the beginning of its existence  now, and I predict it will continue to be popular, introducing the Knot Ring.

Knot Ring yeah!


This lovely ring can be made in Rose Gold

Rose Gold Knot Ring

14K Gold Filled

Knot Ring - 14K Yellow Gold-filled

And of course Sterling Silver

Knot Ring - Sterling Silver

Here is a step by step tutorial by my incredible mom:

Explanation of Shop Tools used:

The wire is 20 Gauge sterling silver, and my mom attaches the wire to a Vice. It is important to put the wire in the vice to get a nice hold on the wire to be able to create the Knot Ring. The pliers used have rubber on them to have enough grip to help my mom pull the wire through. When you release the wire, you put the knot wire onto the mandrel to check the sizing and to round the wire. Shears are used to cut through the wire. Now those scissors should be treated with respect, because if not, accidents may occur. (We will not go into any details of that at this time.)

Flat head pliers are then used to bend the wire to match the ends. These flat head pliers are a must for matching any ring. The matching of the ring is so important because who wants a ring that isn’t seamless? (No one!) My mom puts a protective spray (flux) on the ring, to help the wire so it doesn’t melt. Yes silver does melt when you put too much heat on it, is it acceptable? No it is not! Have we done it, every now and then? Yes, but it is a sad moment when it happens.

Which leads into Soldering this is the biggest honor that can be bestowed upon you in the shop. Because not only have you been entrusted that you can work with fire and not burn the house down. You have advanced into another realm of jewelership that lets you learn so many new and fun designs. There have been times that we have been banned from soldering because certain things should not be burned like pennies. But my parents are patient and always let us solder again after we realize our wrong.

Before the soldering even begins, you will first need a soldering board to protect your surface.  Torch something to light the torch with like these.  Now you may begin the soldering process.

Sterling Silver Solder is used to combine the ends of the wire. You once again pound the knot ring round and to the correct size. Is the ring done? No it is not. We then have the knot ring cleaned.  This youtube video shows the process of how we make and clean the rings from start to finish.

Ring from start to finish – the cleaning process

There are other ways to complete a ring without a torch, by creating a fun way to twist the wire, Designed by Lei has several rings that are not soldered, but still look wonderful.

Have fun making the knot ring!


Tales of the Shop:

There are six siblings in my wonderful family, four girls and two boys, and we are all married, except for the youngest, whom I lovingly refer to as the Baben, Hunnard, and Oh Ang, her name is Lisa, so I don’t know how she got all those nicknames… But she truly is a gem, and the lucky one who gets her!  Why do I bring up marriage during the knot ring tutorial?  Because Tying the Knot seems to fit in quite nicely with this lovely ring:)



DIY Pearl Ring

I LOVE PEARLS. I love how pure, simple, and beautiful they are.

I think my love of pearls began with Anne of Green Gables when she wanted  pearls for her wedding ring.

“But pearls are for tears, the old legend says,” Gilbert had objected. “I’m not afraid of that. And tears can be happy as well as sad. My very happiest moments have been when I had tears in my eyes—when Marilla told me I might stay at Green Gables—when Matthew gave me the first pretty dress I ever had—when I heard that you were going to recover from the fever. So give me pearls for our troth ring, Gilbert, and I’ll willingly accept the sorrow of life with its joy.” -Anne”

Audrey Hepburn’s favorite piece of jewelry were not diamonds but pearls and her favorite piece was a pearl necklace given to her by her then Husband Mel Ferrer.

Style icons of our day, adored pearls:

Pearls are always appropriate – Jackie Kennedy

I favor pearls onscreen and in my private life – Grace Kelly

A Woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls – Coco Channel

Here is my favorite ring that my dad makes:
Pearl Ring















Here is a video to show how to make this gorgeous ring.

Tools needed:



wire cutters


tape measure

20 gauge Sterling Silver Wire

5 mm pearl.

Here is a more in depth video on how the Pearl Ring is made:

Pearl Ring

Cannot wait to see what your pearl Ring Looks like!

Tales of the Shop:

Green Gabels, Maude Montgomery’s Aunts house that she would visit often, and was the inspiration for Green Gables.

I got to live a childhood dream, I was able to go to Anne of Green Gables.

This book series means so much to me because I started reading them when my family and I were moving from Spring City UT to El Paso TX,  when I was 14 years old.  I needed something to help me with the transition, and I was able to find Anne to help me through.

When I saw Green Gables, it was everything I wanted it to be.  I will be forever grateful for my sister Nicole who made it all possible.  I look back at these pictures and feel such gratitude for being able to see something that means so much to me!

Anne’s room
With my amazing mom!
With my sister Nicole who made it all possible, lovers lane is on the left!
Walking through the Haunted Woods. This was the path that the author took to get to her Aunts house.
The beautiful beaches, with the famous red beaches. Just minutes away from Green Gables.

After seeing Anne of Green Gables, my whole perspective on goals and life changed.  It is important to have hopes, dreams and goals because you know what?  They may come true!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to live in Canada and see my beloved Prince Edward Island, but it happened!


How to Make a Double Knot Ring

This is how to Make a Double Knot Ring:

Now is your turn to learn how to make a Double Knot ring, are you ready?

Double Knot Ring


The knot ring, is a standard classic,

Knot Ring - Sterling Silver

It can even be changed to create this cute little heart knot ring:

Heart Knot Ring- Sterling Silver

Maybe you are looking at these rings and thinking I want more…

And you can get more!   How?  Introducing the Double Knot ring!  Not only do you get double the knot, but you can combine different wires to create the look YOU want.

Love Sterling Silver, here you go:

Double Knot Ring- Sterling Silver

Can’t get enough of Rose Gold, maybe this will satisfy you:


Double Knot Ring- 14K Rose Gold-filled

If you see the value in both metals, and it is hard to choose which one, why not have both?

Double Knot Ring- Sterling Silver/14K Yellow Gold-filled

Stacked Knot Rings- Sterling Silver and Rose Gold

And that my friends is why the Double Knot Ring is so AWESOME!

The tools you will need to make the double knot ring are:

Here are the different types of wire that were shown in the pictures above.  Choose what combination of wires you would like.  Wrap the wire around your finger, and add a half length more in width to make sure you have enough for the knot in the ring.

18 K gauge Sterling Silver

18 gauge 14 K Rose Gold wire

18 gauge 14 K Gold filled wire

To make the knot, you will need to create a clamp to pull the wire into a knot:

You can use pliers to pull it with both hands, or have you and someone else on either end of the wire pull it.

once pulled you need to find something round to create a circle like a mandrel. You can use a marker to get the ends rounded, but the final step to get the whole ring round, you will need a mandrel and a mallet.

To connect the ends of the wire, solder it together, which is an involved process.

You will first need a torch

Soldering board, so you can protect everything around you.

Solder paste, depending upon which wire you use, will depend on what paste you will use, if you put Sterling Silver paste on Rose gold, you will end up with white on the ring.  Here are the soldering Pastes:

Sterling Silver

10 K Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

You will need spray flux to your metal to protect your gold and silver.  Spray it on the jewelry and it will help the gold not tarnish and prevent the silver wire from melting.

lighter to light the torch

Here is a video to help you with soldering. this is my mom showing you how to make a knot ring, she is a professional!

After you solder the ring, you have caused the ring to look very dark, and not at all presentable.   To take off the fire damage and make it look like the metal again,  you will need a pickle.

But to make it sparkle, you also need a tumbler:

Here is the full process of how a ring is made from start to finish, although this is not the knot ring, we use the same soldering, pickle process, and tumbling for each of our jewelry items.

Ring from Start to Finish – the cleaning process

It is quite an involved process, but there is another way to make a double knot ring without using a torch and that  is to be creative with the wire and do something cool like this shop Designed by Lei

Gold Knot Ring

This is a great idea of how to finish off a ring without using a soldering torch.  If you look at her shop you will see a lot of creative rings, that do not use soldering but are still so pretty!

Enjoy making your beautiful Double Knot Ring!


Tales of the Shop

My mom LOVES playing the piano, and has attempted to teach each of her six kids how to play the piano.  We all vary in our ability to play the piano, but one thing is for sure, we all enjoy music and appreciate our moms efforts to teach us!  I have been away from my family for seven years, and I tend to get homesick on one day of the week, it is Sunday.  Why Sunday?  Because this is the day where we all gathered together as a family to eat delicious food, have a discussion, have a walk around the block and gather around the piano to sing songs.



Heart Earrings.

Oh Valentine’s Day,

You have come again,

For those of you who are wondering what to give their loved ones, here is an idea…

These beautiful Heart Earrings!



Equipment needed:

4 inch 20 gauge Sterling Silver.

Pen: Here is a video how you can use a pen to make a heart earring

Round Nose Pliers

Cleaning Cloths

The heart earrings above are made out of niobium, which is an awesome material that I covered extensively in this article.

Niobium is tougher to bend than Sterling Silver, so it will be best to learn how to make these with Sterling Silver wire, or Gold filled wire.


Tales of the Shop:

Here are my Valentine’s, I am so lucky to have them in my life.  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!




The Rise of Rose Gold

Oh Rose Gold where have you been all my life?  Why did I not know that you existed until now when it seems like it is appearing on everything?

I typed in Rose Gold on Pinterest, and found watches, cupcakes, cups, headphones, bikes, faucets and shoes.  Apple i phone has called rose gold the new pink and now apparently people are dying their hair a rose gold shade, which is quite lovely.

So with all the hype of rose gold, I have gathered some information about this wonderful type of jewelry that has inspired this craze.

There are three kinds of Rose golds, Red Gold, Rose Gold and Pink Gold.  The more copper it has in the gold the more Red it is.  Gold in and of itself is very soft and hard to make it into jewelry and can easily be dented with the wear and tear of life.  That is why an alloy which means another metal is combined with gold to make it more durable and easier to work with.  To create the rose hue copper is added to the gold.

To help you understand how much copper is added to it can be found in what Karat they are made of.

24K Gold is 100% Gold

22 K gold is 91.7 % Gold

18 K is 75% Gold

14K Gold is 58.3% Gold

12 K gold is 50% Gold and

10 K gold is 41.7% gold. anything below 10 K is not considered to be real gold in America.  That is why it is important to make sure that any ring that you see has the Karat stamped inside the piece of jewelry to make sure it is legit.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are some amazing pictures of Red, Rose and Pink Gold

18K Red Gold has 75% Gold and 25% Copper

These beautiful rings can be found on My Golden Age

18K Rose Gold has 75% Gold 22.5% Copper and 2.75% Silver

Frosted 18K Rose Gold Ring (Thin)

This stunning pair can be found on JewelPalor

18K Pink Gold has 75% Gold 20% Copper and 5% Silver

Tulip Ring (18K rose gold)

This delicate little beauty is found on ruiandaguri

To let you see the contrast between the white, yellow and pink (Rose)

These beautiful rings can also be found at ruiandaguri

History of Rose Gold:

Rose Gold first showed up in Russia in the 19th century and known as Russian Gold

Antique Russian Rose Gold ring sterling with sweetheart flower OOAK

This Ring can be found at Vintage Sparkles

Mid Victorian era was also a time for Rose Gold which symbolized romance and love.

Early Old European Cut Diamond (.85ct) in 18K Gold Victorian / Art Nouveau Engagement Ring with Black Enamel R941

This ring is a vintage beauty from the 1800s and can be found at pebbleandpolish

1920’s found a resurgence of the rose gold ring thanks to cartiers trinity Rolling Ring.  This ring has the best of three worlds, for those that have a hard time deciding what type of gold they like best, why not just combine all three?  Rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.

Vintage Cartier 18K Trinity Rolling Ring / Cartier Rolling Ring / Cartier Trinity Ring / Vintage Cartier / Cartier Pendant / 18K gold ring

Heist Vintage is the place to find this beautiful ring with a fun excerpt of what each of the bands represents.

During the World War II there was a ban against platinum because it was used for the military, so rose gold proved to be a great alternative from the 1930s-1950s.

This Gold Signet from the 1950s, can be found at MSJewelers.

The 90s came and went and rose gold fell in the background because minimalism and sleekness were in.  But FINALLY Rose Gold came back and is better than ever!

Here are some of my favorites:

Super Thin 14k Rose Gold Ring(s), 14k Rose Gold Filled, Rose Gold Stacking Rings, Simple Rose Gold Ring, Thin Rose Gold Rings, Dainty Rings

14K Rose Gold Rings found at Alaridesign

Tiny Dot Rose gold earrings, pink gold earrings, hammered rose gold discs, dainty earrings, everyday earrings, simple small dangle earrings

Tiny Dot Rose Gold earring found at KGarnerDesigns

I see pearls and always get excited, this can be found at milajewellerydesign

Open triangle necklace // Geometric jewelry - Rose Gold

This simple necklace is so refreshing, this is from bySiukwan

WOW! Thank you artmasters for creating this!

Rose Gold diamond wedding engagement Rings

And to finish off my love Rose Gold here are some rings that are just perfect! Thank you Elegant wedding invites for finding them!

All I can say is Hallelujah Rose Gold IS BACK!



Tips on how to Ship Your things

Our least favorite time of day working in the shop was 4:00 pm when we had to have all the jewelry cleaned, packaged and in the box to send to the UPS man.  My mom liked to made sure that we used up all our working time right to the last minute.  We would send Nicole off to meet the UPS man (because she knew how to get there FAST!)  While we waited anxiously hoping that the package got there in time.  More often than not, we were able to make it in time!  When we missed the UPS man…that was not a good moment!!!

What I have learned about myself moving to Canada!

Tales of the Shop:

My family and I recently moved to Canada, and I would like to tell you a couple of things of what I learned about myself:

1.  I am a pack rat and keep all things that are of sentimental value, which led me to be able to fill a 26 foot truck!

2.  When I get nervous I have a hard time sleeping at night.  Luckily this only happened the night before we crossed the Canadian border.

3.  I am not a very good solo driver, especially if there are kids involved, which there always is:)

4.  No matter where I go there are good people everywhere who are willing to help.

5.  As long as I have my wonderful husband and sweet little boys, all will be well!  I learned this tip from my parents:)

6.  I always need to look forward to something to get me through stressful moments.  Which makes Daniels wedding in August perfect timing:)

7.  I tend to get frustrated when things don’t turn out right the first time.

8.  Whenever I feel like things are too overwhelming the best thing for me to do is go to sleep!

9.  Whenever I feel sad or wish I could be closer to family, I count all the blessings in my life…there are A LOT!

10.  My strategy for unpacking is to put all the boxes in the basement and then go from there!

11.  Moving is not my favorite thing.  Period!

How to Make a Heart Earring With a Pen!

We are a family of four sisters and two brothers who were lucky enough to have a dad who has been a jeweler for over thirty years and taught us some of the tools of the trade. We love to share what we have learned over the years of growing up in the jewelry business.

My dad has made hundreds of designs, some of which can be found on our site.  In this post we will focus on his heart designs:

heart loop

gold heart

double heart

All of these heart designs are incredible, and require specialized tools that are only in the shop.  So I challenged my dad to come up with a design using tools that everyone has.  With that challenge, he created a beautiful heart earring using a pen, which you may or may not have on hand.  I know that in my house, it is hard to find a pen:)

How to Make Heart Earrings in Two Minutes

The supplies that you will need are:

  • Pen
  • Wire cutters
  • Ruler
  • Sterling Silver Wire, or any wire you have on hand.
  • Pliers – These red pliers are my favorite pliers and can be found at the Home Depot.
  • Polishing cloth

Here is the youtube video of How to Make Heart Earrings in two Minutes

The first time you make these earrings will probably be a little tough, but do not let that stop you.  Every time my dad taught us a design, it took a lot of work to be able to get it right, but over time it got better and we even enjoyed making whatever style he taught us. Then he immediately would show us another design to make!  that is the great thing about making jewelry, there is always something to learn.

Happy Jewelry Making!

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The winner gets to pick anything from our Hoops by hand or etsy shop


The hoopsbyhand team:

DSC_1291From left to right, Angela, Nicole, Collette, Lisa, Daniel and Thomas