I went to my First Jewelry Show:)

My good friend invited me to a jewelry party.  I was intrigued by the idea of a jewelry show and wanted to support my good friend.  I ended up having a great time.  I took my favorite escort, Jamesy Boy and I was able to try on some jewelry.


What I liked most about the party is that the lady who was talking about the products did not talk a long time.  I think she talked for 10 minutes and the rest of the time we could try on the jewelry.  The jewelry was lovely and it was fun to put on, and I ended up buying some pearl earrings, because there are a few things I cannot resist supporting: an entrepreneur and pearls:)



The jewelry she was sponsoring was a Canadian Jewelry company Tocara and the lady said that each piece of jewelry was:

Stainless Steel and was Rhodium dipped.

She said the jewelry can be worn by anyone.  She asked if anyone was allergic to jewelry and this lady rose her hand.  The saleslady put a bracelet on her, and I just watched the lady all evening waiting to break out in hives and she did not:)

The jewels that are used in the pieces  are manufactured in their factory and takes three years to make each one.


If you lose an earring, you can just buy one side of the earring, and she does not know of any company who does that.  I thought that was a clever idea, and a really smart thing to do, because I have lost a lot of earrings.

After all of this spiel, I just kept thinking, Rhodium, what is this magical ingredient that makes Sterling Silver not tarnish?  That is the problem about Sterling Silver, is that it tarnishes.  As soon as I got home I looked up Rhodium and found this  great article that answered all my questions and more.

Here are some Rhodium highlights:

1.  It is the world’s most expensive precious metal, costs 6 times as much as gold.

2.  When cleaning Rhodium plated jewelry you need to use mild liquid shampoo water and a microfiber rag.  Anything else like an Ultrasonic cleaner, chemicals, polishing cloth, or anything else would hurt the Rhodium.

3.  In the 1930s Rhodium was used for Silverware, so that people would not have to polish their silverware all the time.  Later on it was used for jewelry.

4.  Rhodium can wear out over time, it depends on a number of factors, but if you wear your jewelry a lot the Rhodium wears out between a 6-24 month period.  If you wear jewelry infrequently like a broach, then it will last a LONG TIME.

Overall the night was wonderful.  I enjoyed how relaxed the atmosphere was and how I did not feel pressure to buy.  When I did buy the jewelry though I was surprised how fast the price went up.  The Shipping cost was $7.99 and then the tax added on top of it, was $5.00.  Luckily they gave you a free piece of jewelry that was a pendant for attending the party.  That made me feel better about the whole purchase.  Now I am just waiting for the wonderful pieces of jewelry to come in the mail, and I am sure I will love them.

Tales of the Shop:

I have always wondered if I would like to do home sales.  I watched my friend get so excited about the event, and as it got closer more and more people started canceling, and some of the excuses were pretty funny.  It made her wonder if anyone would show up!  It was a great showing, but it is hard to get people to do something extra, because there is so much to do in life:)

In some ways it is hard to sell jewelry because it is not a necessity, like food, rent, and other things in life that always seem to pile up.

Jewelry is not a necessity but I love it and I don’t wear it nearly enough, but when I do I must say I feel like a princess.  Even while I am running around cleaning up who knows what, and chasing toddlers.  Seeing something sparkly and pretty makes me smile and I have to remember, it is okay to spend money on yourself sometimes!

So will I ever do home parties?  Ummm, probably not for a while.  I am happy when I get a blog post up!  In the mean time, I am having fun watching this:)



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What you can do with wax…make earrings of course!

My parents just got back from a jewelry shown New York City along with Daniel his sweet wife Lizzy and Lisa.  Our little sister Lisa has gone to so many cool places and Disneyland a million times, that I am starting to realize that the youngest really does get some perks:)


My dad is an artist and it reflects in all of his jewelry designs.  He recently took his artistic level to a whole new level when he started adding his own sculptures to his jewelry.  Here are a few examples:

DSC_0328 DSC_0382I cannot show you how to make these because I lack the artist gene in the family.  But I did ask the process he went through to make these, just in case any fellow artist would like to get their designs on jewelry:) Continue reading

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My Mom Saved the Day Again…

There are a lot of Superheroes out there.

2008My brothers were and probably still are Superhero lovers, especially Daniel and his love for Batman.   My boys dabble in the love of Superheroes once and awhile.  But the greatest Superhero of all to me would be my mom. Continue reading

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The Beginnings of Hoops By Hand

photo-26I have been asked to be a guest poster this week about my role in in the business. My wonderful sister, Angela, is the one you usually hear from and the one who runs the blog. Hoops By Hand was just an idea for a few years before anything actually came of it. Continue reading

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Around the Circle – A Birthday Tradition

My boys asked me the other day what my favorite holiday was and I immediately said my birthday.  They were surprised and asked why.  I said because it is the day that celebrates me.  It is selfish I know, but growing up when our birthdays approached, we got to have a birth week!

DSCN5030 DSCN5029

Now as I am a mom, I realize what a smart idea that was for my parents to think of.  If your birthday does not live up to all that you had hoped for, it does not matter because you have six more days to make all of your dreams come true. Continue reading

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Soffe Days at the Cabin!

This is the second annual event of Soffe days!  Actually it is the third annual Soffe days, but we the Johnsons were not there for the first one, so we don’t count it:)  This time Soffe days was held at our parent’s cabin.  This cabin is new to the family and we were excited about it, to say the least.

Growing up our Soffe Grandparents owned a cabin and we loved to visit it.  So I am grateful that my kids will have fun memories of this great cabin!

ANG50 ANG53 ANG15 Continue reading

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How to Plan the Perfect Family Reunion

My  mom’s side is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!  She comes from a family with 5 brothers and 5 sisters.  They love to be together, and get any chance they can to be together.  Growing up we had a lot of Family Reunions, and they have perfected the art of how to throw one.


ANG74 Continue reading

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The Perfect Love Story

How we love our older sister Collette.  To each one of us she is a mentor, friend and second mother:) I remember spending a lot of nights talking to Collette about life and  wondering what the future would hold for each of us.


DSC_1042 Continue reading

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10 Things you may not know about my Dad

What an amazing couple of weeks the Soffe family has had!

I will post about Soffe Days and Collette’s wedding in the next couple of weeks.


I wanted to dedicate this post to my dad.

dad as a boy

Continue reading

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So much happens in a year!

Exactly a year ago from today we had our Great Family Soffe day.  I look at this picture and think of all the things that have happened this past year to each of my brothers and sisters, it has been a BIG year for all of us:)


DSC_1113 Continue reading

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