Knot Ring Tutorial – Our number one ring!

gold knotTwo years ago, Nicole had this great idea to get together to sell and share our knowledge of jewelry via Etsy and the Hoops by Hand blog.  Unfortunately we did not sell many items of jewelry for a year and three months.

We were discouraged, but we enjoyed what we were doing, and knew that it would be all right.  So we just kept pressing forward.

Then Nicole decided to sell the knot ring in our Etsy Shop, and then something amazing happened, people started buying them:)

I remember crossing into the Canadian border and getting the exciting news that we were finally selling some jewelry and that amazing piece of jewelry was the knot ring.  I cannot tell you how excited we all were and how much we LOVE the knot ring.

To celebrate Easter coming up, we are doing a special from April 14- April 20.  When you buy any item in our Etsy shop, you get a knot ring for free.  Just put in the note section when you are in checkout “free knot Easter” and include your ring size.

Here is the Knot Ring Youtube video. 

Explanation of Shop Tools used.

20 gauge Sterling Silver Wire - Measure the wire out at according to the size of your of your finger, you will need extra wire to make the knot in the ring, so I would start out on practice copper or wire that you do not care about and figure out your size, I would start out at 8 inches and then go from there:)

We have a kit for sale that contains both copper wire for practice and tumbled sterling silver when you are ready to make the ring.

My mom attaches the wire to a Vice.  It is important to put the wire in the vice to get a nice hold on the wire to be able to create the Knot Ring.

The pliers used have rubber on them to have enough grip to help my mom pull the wire through.

Put the knot wire onto the mandrel to check the sizing and to round the wire.

Wire cutters are used to cut through the wire.  The scissors that my mom uses, are very sharp and should be treated with respect, because if not, accidents may occur.  (We will not go into any details of that at this time.)

Flat head pliers are then used to bend the wire to match the ends.  These flat head pliers are a must for matching any ring.  The matching of the ring is so important because who wants a ring that isn’t seamless? (No one!)

My mom puts a protective spray on the ring, to help the wire so it doesn’t melt.  Yes silver does melt into a little ball when you put too much heat on it. Have we done it, every now and then?  Yes…

Which leads into Soldering this is the biggest honor that can be bestowed upon you in the shop.  Because not only have you been entrusted that you can work with fire and not burn the house down.  You have advanced into another realm of jewelership that lets you learn so many new and fun designs.  There have been times that we have been banned from soldering because certain things should not be burned like pennies.  But my parents are patient and always let us solder again after we realize our wrong.

Sterling Silver Solder is used to combine the ends of the wire.  You once again pound the knot ring round and to the correct size.

Is the ring done?  No it is not.   We then have the knot ring cleaned.  This youtube video shows the process of the a ring being made from start to finish, and includes the tumbling which is how we get the ring clean.

You will do an awesome job making the knot ring, if you do not have a torch or solder, there are some creative ways you can finish the ring, like this.

knot ring1

Tales of the Shop


From left to right – Collette, Angela, Nicole, Thomas, Daniel and Lisa

The Hoops by Hand Clan is wishing you a Fantastic Easter!  

To celebrate Easter while growing up was go to church, have an amazing meal to eat and one day during the weekend have an Easter Egg Hunt.

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The Funky Monkey Giveaway

We’re teaming up with The Funky Monkey again for an awesome giveaway of your favoritepiece of jewelry from Hoops By Hand! Check out the link to find out more. zig to the zag

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Pearl Ring – Our number one jewelry tutorial


Oh how I love Pearls!  I Always have and always will.  We have done a lot of tutorials on this blog, and this Pearl Ring is by far the most popular.  I have attempted to make jewelry on my 52 Week Challenge, and it has been a lot of fun to make and design jewelry.  And yet I know that I have a long, long, long ways to go to be able to design something remotely as awesome as this pearl ring.

 For several years I have been blessed to be able to watch my dad make jewelry that is unique, artistic, and absolutely beautiful.

Take for example this beautiful pearl ring.  He found a way to take a piece of wire and a pearl and create something timeless.

The tools that you will need are:

Pearl – any size that you will like, the size that is used in this tutorial is a 5 mm freshwater pearl.  You can use any bead you would like as well.  If you would like one of our pearls, just message us from our etsy shop.

Wire Cutters


Red pliers or any kind of pliers, make sure that it has a pointy end to help you turn the wire. The red pliers used in this tutorial are my favorite.

Sterling Silver Wire – Measure the wire out at 4 inches, bend it and then measure 4 more inches and cut the wire.

We have a kit for sale that contains both copper wire for practice and tumbled sterling silver when you are ready to make the ring.  Luckily in this tutorial because you do not need to solder it or put it in your ear, you can use the copper wire to make these rings as well.

Measuring tool

MalletThis helps round out your ring.

Small Siver balls – this is completely optional to put on the sides of the pearl.  My dad shows you how to make it without the Silver balls.  But he gave you the basis of how to make the ring and you can embellish it however you would like.

Here is the Youtube Video:

pearl ring

This is such a beautiful ring to make, and it will take a lot of practice, but it can be done!  There were a lot of designs in the shop that I thought I would never be able to make like this design known as the D4.


I kept telling my dad over and over that it was too hard.  Thankfully my dad was patient, persistent, and believed I could do it.  After a summer of practicing them, they became my favorite piece of jewelry to make.

There have also been some pieces of jewelry that I have yet to embrace and love, but I make them anyway.  I believe that is how you build character, right?  Oh Braid rings, how hard you are to make…

braid flowerre

And then there are some pieces of jewelry that I have no idea how to make but someone else in my family can, and thank heavens for that:)  These are my brother Thomas’s specialty.


Tales of the Shop:

Finally I can sense Spring is coming around the corner, Hallelujah.  A part of me does not trust the weather to stay warm, and I have our Down coats still hanging and ready to go:)  I came across this gem of a picture that reminds me of Spring:



Just kidding!  This is more like it:)

Here are the Lucky Grandparents with my oldest Zach about four years ago.  Wow, time flies by way too fast!


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Newborn Survival Guide


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 Because of this video the 52 Week Challenge  began to formulate in my mind.  It did take me about a year to actually get started on this challenge, but it is better to do it later than never right? Continue reading

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Heart Dangle Earring Tutorial – Week 9

On February 20th, a sweet baby boy named James Matthew came into this world  to join his three older brothers! He is truly a joy and I feel so blessed to have him.  I took four weeks off of the blog and basically everything else in life, so I could concentrate on this little bundle of joy!


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Heart Hoop Earring Tutorial – Week 8


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Heart Earrings with a Twist – Week 7


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Circle Within a Circle Earring – Week 5


We are now into Week 5 of my 52 Week Challenge.  Circles have so much potential for variety that I needed to add more to the previous Circle Earring I showed you:)  This is a fun earring to do and the materials that you need are: Continue reading

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