How to make Dangle Earrings with Beads

Happy New Year! I am loving the year 2015 so far.  It is mainly because I just celebrated my birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge, and it was AWESOME!  It could be because this year I am not pregnant…who knows, all I know is that it will only get better!

To make up for my lack of jewelry posts this past year, I am going to make it up to you by actually doing a jewelry post.  Which involves beads, Sterling Silver wire, pen and pliers.


My neighbor has a lot of beads and it was fun to see the different combos that she made with all of her jewelry creations.  This was the piece of jewelry that she made.  At this point I was trying to get my supplies ready to teach her how to make a design, and then I quickly realized that she knew what she wanted to make, and my jewelry knowledge was not needed.  In fact I learned a lot from her and she is a jeweler at heart:)


She did not measure out the wire, the method she used was she got the end of the sterling wire and wrapped it around the bead. Then she added the two beads, made a fancy curve at the top and got a pen to bend down the wire.

The hardest part was making the curve at the top the same.  It was fun to see these earrings on her the next day.


My neighbor LOVES to make jewelry.  I should have gotten her a jewelry kit for Christmas, her birthday is coming up, I think I know what to get her:)  Her daughter is having a birthday party and my neighbor wanted to make jewelry as an activity, so she borrowed my box of jewelry supplies and I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

Maybe, just maybe one of the girls will get such a kick out of making jewelry and a jeweler will have been born…now that is a fun thought!

Tales of the Shop

Going to the Great Wolf Lodge was so much fun.  I do have a few tips….

1.  It is a money pit, everything costs A LOT of money, and they make it nearly impossible to be able to bring outside food to be able to save on money.  We ended up eating in the Lobby of the hotel…Not one of our finest moments but we did it:)

2.  You cannot pop popcorn in their microwave…have never seen that printed on a microwave before.

3.  It is hard to keep track of all of your older kids, especially if they have a wristband that will let them ride on rides all by themselves…We spent most of the second day looking for Zach!

4.  The wave pool is dangerous, period!  Why they even have Wave Pools is beyond me!!!!!

5.  Do not introduce you three year old to the coolest water slide he can possibly go on and then have him go on the kiddie slides, it will not go over well at all!

6.  You will be praying a lot that everyone is safe, and maybe reconsider what the best age is to bring your kids to a water park. I was thinking that maybe having 4 boys 7, 5, 3, and 10 months with two adults might not have been a good idea!

7.  Kids have so much energy, it is really incredible how they can keep on going and going and going.  I finally had to tell them that it was my birthday and it was time to go, and this was at 6:00 pm, and I thought I was being reasonable.

8.  It was worth it!  I am so happy we went on this trip, the memories are priceless:)

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Our MOM – using the ABCS

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday January 8th.  I was not able to be around the circle for my amazing mom, so I wanted to give her an ABC tribute.


A – Athletic – Incredible bowler, tennis player, aerobics, elliptical, walking and weight        training. Continue reading

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2014 – A Year in Review

A New Year is approaching upon us quickly!  I have no doubt that 2015 will be a lucky year:)  This past year for Hoops by Hand has been a lot of fun.  Here is a recap of what the year has brought:)

This was the year that I thought I would do the 52 week ChallengeContinue reading

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Merry Christmas!

This year we will not be visiting family.  My husband and I looked at each other and said, “What do we do?”  Luckily we have grown up with some fun traditions that we decided to go with the basics/classics. Continue reading

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Stenciling your Sugar Cookies

Last week I posted about making Sugar Cookies, and using Sprinkles to put on the top of it.

If you would like to fancy it up a bit, you can use Stencils!


Here is the post on how to make Sugar Cookies

After you make the cookies Continue reading

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How to make Earrings for your Perfect Necklace!

The other day I got an unexpected, urgent, knock on the door.  Inside rushed my neighbor who needed my jewelry tools and wire to make the pair of perfect earrings for her amazing necklace.  She had a wedding for her brother to prepare for and she wanted everything to be perfect.

I loved the necklace she chose. WOWZERS:)

DSC_0051She then went to Michaels Continue reading

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How to roll out perfect Sugar Cookies – FINALLY!

I LOVE Sugar cookies, they make me happy.  I have tried a lot of recipes that claim to be the best sugar cookies, and I tried to make them, and failed.  This is what would happen.

DSC_0046 DSC_0047 DSC_0048 DSC_0049 DSC_0050

I would roll it out onto parchment paper, Continue reading

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Add beads to your Hoop Earrings!

My family loves hoops, we even named our business after this amazing piece of jewelry.  Until recently I just thought that the hoop earring was enough.  It is after all simple, elegant, classy.  But there are times when you want to spice things up a bit, and that is where beads come in.

This is just one example of what you can add to a hoop earring.  The options are endless, or not, depending on what you have in your house:)


The tools that you will need are: Continue reading

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What do you do with Thrift Store Jewelry?

I LOVE thrift stores.  Being the wife of a student for eight going on nine years, and not seeing it end any time soon.  I have learned to love Thrift stores, the price is just right:)

There was a time when I thought that Thrift stores were not my thing. Then I went to church and saw one of my buddies wearing the cutest skirt.  I had to know where she got it.  She said she got it at a Thrift store, and since then, I have not been able to stop going.  One of my favorite combinations of all time is a thrift store with half off days:)

I love the color turquoise.  I found these strands of necklaces at the Thrift store for $2.00 and could not resist.  I didn’t really like the look of the single strand necklace that reached super low and had the tendency to get caught in everything, kids included…

So with the genius of my neighbor she found a way to make it shorter and cuter!


DSC_0974DSC_0976 DSC_0977 Continue reading

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Making a ring with an Earring!

My neighbor came over about a month ago to learn about how to make jewelry.  We had been talking about making jewelry for over a year and we finally did it.

I asked her what she wanted to learn.  And she said that she just wanted to borrow my tools and wire and use them to make up her own designs.

I was more than thrilled because I was able to learn from her.  I have never worked with beads before.  It never occurred to me that beads could and should be used in jewelry designs.

So instead of me teaching my neighbor, she taught me.

Here is a beautiful ring she made, using a post of an earring and wire.

DSC_0369 DSC_0370 DSC_0371 DSC_0372 DSC_0375
DSC_0383 DSC_0385 DSC_0386 Continue reading

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