DIY Pearl Pendant

pearl pendant


Hello everyone! How has your week gone?

This is what our week is looking like:

Tearing out the linoleum and putting in beautiful grey tile. It is hard to have the house in disarray (because it already is without added help!) But I must remind myself that one month of craziness will give us many YEARS of enjoyment, or at least two years of beautiful tile.



My Mare Mare is growing so fast!  4 Months going on 16.  She is perfect!


The artist that I wanted to sponsor this week was Emma Stone.  Her jewelry tends to be minimal or not at all! A girl after my own heart. So after a fun Pinterest search, I found my picture:

picture found from the site InStyle

I saw that beautiful pearl necklace and then began the process of making this simple, classic pendant.

I gathered all my tools:


Made sure my helpers were involved in their own projects, and then entered into the creative zone:


The jewelry supplies you will need are:

Find any chain! (My boys gave me a chain with an A on it for my birthday, which was so thoughtful of them)  I have a feeling that you will have a necklace chain that would like a revamp!)

Head Pin

Fancy Jump Pin

Glass Pearl or a Real Pearl of any size or color

The Jewelry Tools:


Round Nose Pliers



How to make it!

Grab your Pearl and Head Pin, slide the pearl onto the head pin.

DSC_0683 DSC_0686

With your Round Nose Pliers, on the opposite side of the ear pin wire circle the wire around the round nose plier like this:


It should look like this:


Now I straighten the wire, to know how much to cut the wire down by the pearl.  The reason I started doing this is because it takes the guesswork out of how much to cut off on the end that counts, which is by the pearl, I found myself cutting the wire too short, and then it was the waste of a head pin.

DSC_0695 DSC_0698

Because the wire and the Pearl are so close together, it is tricky to make the circle, but it can be done!


Open up your Jump ring:

DSC_0691To take out whatever charm you have if you are trading off charms, or if you need to open it up to put on the chain.

Close it:


Grab your pearl pendant and hook it onto the jump ring.


Close the circle, and you are done!


And just like that you have a beautiful classic necklace that can be worn with anything!


And in case your were wondering, here are the lego creations:

DSC_0727 DSC_0731

The reason why I chose Emma Stone for my inspiration this week, is because she happened to be a show called La La Land, that is sweeping the nation, and I may be as dramatic to say even the world?!  I have not seen it, but I heard this song, and it really spoke to me.

Hearing this song makes me cry. It means a lot to me. I am a dreamer, always have been and I suspect always will be.

My dad is a dreamer, he is a jeweler who has owned his business for more than thirty years, and his business has taken lots of twists and turns.  Yet the thing that remains is his passion for  his trade.

I married a Scientist whom I would not associate as a dreamer type,  is also a dreamer as well. He was offered a job this past weekend that was what he thought he wanted, but felt that he wanted to go another way. Although it was hard to say no, I admired him for being brave to chase another dream.

I am learning that the journey of the becoming process is what it is all about!  In the end I have a feeling that everyone is a dreamer, so here is to all of us, “Crazy as we may seem!”

P.S. I am wearing the pearl pendant, but my blasted hair is covering it!!! I was dealing with a little lamb that was trying to eat the computer, and realized that you cannot even see the necklace until the very end. I was going to make another video, but then realized that Jamesy boy was having a great time as you can see in the background putting  makeup in the carpet. So I decided that this video would have to do, because every minute counts in this house, in regards of keeping things safe and intact!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!

DIY – Pearl Earrings


I was going to write a post about how I love January because it is my birthmonth.


But then my sweet little Jamesy Boy got pneumonia and now is looking like this:


And Mare Mare got an Ear Infection, although you couldn’t tell because she looks like this:


I call her angel baby and cannot believe that babies came like this!


My husband had two job interviews this week, and so he has been gone which meant our house looks like this:


This picture is the epitome of surviving, tv, soda pop. popcorn, and of course laundry always laundry!


And yet I promised myself that I would write on my blog no matter what happens, because I WANT TO!


So I took a break from all things cleaning, and decided to stop, drop and make the jewels, and this picture was my inspiration:

Feeling chilly? The Harry Potter star kept cosy in her wet weather wear as she left the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in the city

Got this photo courtesy of Daily Mail

What is not to love about the beautiful Emma Watson?  She will always be Hermione Granger whom my boys and I adore, but she IS Belle!  I cannot wait for the movie of Beauty and the Beast!

I was looking at several pictures of her on Pinterest trying to find some earrings that I could somehow replicate, and then I saw this photo and bam, there were my earrings, that is what I want to make, classy and simple just like Emma!

Jewelry Supplies:


2 Glass Pearl Beads, any color and size of your choosing, make sure they have a drilled hole in them

Here is a helpful size chart of pearls, if you are wondering what sizes are what!

2 Head Pins

2 Ear Wires

Jewelry Tools:


Round Nose Pliers


Chain Nose Pliers



Take a head pin and bead

DSC_0755 DSC_0754

Now you are wanting to use the Round Nose pliers to create a circle, so you will need to cut the wire of the head pin.  I always struggle with knowing how much to cut off, oftentimes I cut too much and then I have too small a wire to work with.  And like hair, once you cut it, it is gone!  So I used the end of the head pin and made a circle, straightened the wire.  And then proceeded to where the pearl is, measured and the wire and then cut it.


Now it is time to make the circle with the round nose pliers

DSC_0757 DSC_0760Once you have made the circle, you need to open it up again to put the Ear Wire in, now out of all the jewelry pieces to invest in it would be the ear wire, because true to the name it is going to go into your ear.  I happen to have sensitive ears, so if I put in anything less than a quality piece of wire, my ears let me know!

DSC_0761 DSC_0763Make sure that you close the circle after the Head pin and ear wire, or else the pearl will fall off…I happen to know this through personal experience unfortunately!


And there you have it, simple yet classy piece of jewelry!


And to add to the Beauty and the Beast LOVE, I had to sing about it, I just HAD TO, featuring the earrings I happened to make!  Happy Friday the 13th!




DIY: Dangle Earrings

I am going to do it, I am going to write this post if it is the last thing I do today!  I realize that I still need to unpack from the New Years trip, that Christmas is still up.  I know that there is a lot to do, but that is why I keep not writing.  I am learning that there will always be something to do.  But today with my baby on one arm and my right hand typing, this post will be finished!

Here are some beautiful Dangle Earrings, that are fun to wear.  I have worn them constantly these past two weeks, because they worked with all that I wore, and…they were the only pair of earrings I could find a pair to at the moment.  I swear that earrings are like socks, pens, scissors, little lego men, bobby pins, gloves, shoes… they just keep disappearing.

the mystery is alive and still happening!



The Items you will need are:

Green Pearls

Gray bicone beads

silver bicone beads

Light Green Bicone beads

8 Head pins

4 Eye pins

2 Ear Wires


The tools you will need:


Round nose pliers

Chain nose pliers


Step by Step Instructions:
dsc_1228Slide one green pearl on to an eye pin. Use Round Nose Pliers to make a 90 degree bend in the wire right above the pearl. The move the tips of the plers away from the pearl and turn the pliers to form a loop.dsc_1230

use cutters to remove extra wire.




But one bicone bead on each Eye Pindsc_1235

Cut wire, make sure you cut enough to make a loop.


Create a loop using your round nose pliers


Do this for each bicone bead, and you should get this:


Open up eye ear wire


Put the Green Pearl on the wire of the ear wire.

dsc_1245Open up the bottom wire, to put on three bicone beads of each color.

dsc_1247The end result:

dsc_1252Be sure to have a helper to create a treasure hunt with misplaced pieces, it adds to the adventure:)


Have fun making these beautiful beads!

If you are interested in a kit, just let me know!  I will make kits based on interest.  Thank you!

Have a great day!

Song of the Week:

Since I last wrote a blog post, there has been a new addition:  My sweet little angel Princess:)  After four boys I have a little angel that is the calm in the storm of our house!

This is my go to look, all of the time!

DIY: Pearl Pendant and Pearl Ring

Pearl Pendant

This Stunning Pearl Pendant is so unique and beautiful.  The pendant that you make can be soldered on to a sterling silver ring band, and you can create a matching ring and pendant.  Here is how my dad made it:

Tools and Equipment Required:

Sterling Silver Orzo-Shaped Pendant Mounting

Hollow Sterling Silver

Domed Sterling Silver Blank

Sterling Silver Ring

Pearl Half Drilled

Sterling Silver Necklace



Steps on how to make this wonderful necklace:

My dads pendant requires soldering the the tubing and the domed sterling silver blank together.

But I found something is much easier, Take the Sterling Silver Orzo Shaped Pendant Mounting, your Half drilled pearls, take you glue, and put it on the wire part of the mount, and hold the pearl until it sticks into place, and then it is done.  The same process is used to make the Sterling Silver Ring.

Here is a list of Pearl Pendants that you can choose from, and you can decide what style you like.

And a list of Pearl Rings that you can choose from, the same process applies, pick the pearl you would like, get the epoxy glue, and there you have your own Pearl Ring and Pendant that is just your style!

That is what I love about making jewelry there are so many options out there of what you can make!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Tales of the Shop:

Last year we went to Easter with some of our Michigan friends, it was during that trip that my husband decided that he wanted to change his post doc to Ames Iowa.  I remember being devestated that I needed to leave my beloved Canada, but knew that it needed to be done.  Now here I am typing away in Ames Iowa.  Who knows where we will be next year!

Have a safe and happy Easter!

DSC_0649 DSC_0645 DSC_0618 DSC_0617 DSC_0607


Knot Ring Tutorial

My dad has been in the jewelry business for over 35 years, he has seen a lot of jewelry styles come and go, and there has been one ring that has stood the test of time, and proven to be a top seller from the beginning of its existence  now, and I predict it will continue to be popular, introducing the Knot Ring.

Knot Ring yeah!


This lovely ring can be made in Rose Gold Read more

DIY Pearl Ring

I LOVE PEARLS. I love how pure, simple, and beautiful they are.

I think my love of pearls began with Anne of Green Gables when she wanted  pearls for her wedding ring.

“But pearls are for tears, the old legend says,” Gilbert had objected. “I’m not afraid of that. And tears can be happy as well as sad. My very happiest moments have been when I had tears in my eyes—when Marilla told me I might stay at Green Gables—when Matthew gave me the first pretty dress I ever had—when I heard that you were going to recover from the fever. So give me pearls for our troth ring, Gilbert, and I’ll willingly accept the sorrow of life with its joy.” -Anne” Read more

The Rise of Rose Gold

Oh Rose Gold where have you been all my life?  Why did I not know that you existed until now when it seems like it is appearing on everything?

I typed in Rose Gold on Pinterest, and found watches, cupcakes, cups, headphones, bikes, faucets and shoes.  Apple i phone has called rose gold the new pink and now apparently people are dying their hair a rose gold shade, which is quite lovely. Read more