Mother’s Day Printable

Mother’s Day is this week!  YEAH!!!!!!

To celebrate this momentous event, my sweet sister in law has created not one but three printables for your sweet mother.  Why?  Because she is that IMPORTANT!


Here they are:

Just click on the images below and you will be able to view your Printable.  At least that is the hope, if you do not see the Printable, please let me know!

image-0001 image-0001 2 image-0001 3

Tales of the Shop:

I have mentioned a lot of tributes to my amazing mom, I make sure that my boys treat me like a Princess on the day of Mothers Day.  But there is one more lady that I would love to give a shout out to.

It is to my amazing Mother in Law.  I am so grateful for her, she raised an incredible son that treats me like gold.

Not only did she raise my amazing husband, but she raised a total of eight boys!  She is indeed a Saint:)  Thank you for all that you have done, all that do, and all that you will do in the future.  Your whole life has been full of service and love, and I sure love you!


PS if you are wondering what a great gift would be for Mother’s Day, here is a tutorial on How to Make a Mothers Ring.

Mothers Ring Tutorial


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Mother’s Day Ring Tutorial

Mothers Ring Tutorial

How to begin to talk about a subject that is near and dear to my heart without tearing up and realizing the massive distance between Utah and Canada!


I saw a pregnant lady at the park who was a day past her due date.  She had a little girl that was as cute as anything.  This sweet mom was playing with her, pushing her on the swing, giving her all for both of her angels inside and outside.  And then I thought of you mom, that was once you!


I later talked to a librarian who is a foster mom, taking care of two boys, and absolutely loving them with all of her heart.  I thought of you mom, and how much you love your lucky boys!


I saw two sweet Grandmothers who took their Grandson and Granddaughter to Story time, I saw the look of love in their faces as they looked at their grandkids, and I thought of you mom!


Mom I see you everywhere, because when I think of Mom I see LOVE and I think of you.


Everywhere I go I see MOMS everywhere, regardless of what stage of life they are in or circumstances.  And I want to thank moms everywhere for your example and for your life that is ever full of love and giving!


I asked my wonderful dad to come up with a Mothers Day design, and true to my dad’s style he came up with seven designs instead of one, that is a perfect example of going above and beyond the assignment!

You can find these rings in our Etsy shop, or you can make them yourself:)  The gemstones are to match how many kids or grandkids or whomever you want to represent for the sweet mother you have in your life and the stone represents the month that each of them were born.

Here is a link  to each month’s birthstone.

This is the ring that my father made for my mom to represent all six of us:


Handcrafted Birthstone/Mother's Ring


And here are some other examples of the ring designs you can choose:


Handcrafted Birthstone/Mother's Ring

Handcrafted Birthstone/Mother's RingHandcrafted Birthstone/Mother's RingHandcrafted Birthstone/Mother's RingHandcrafted Birthstone/Mother's Ring

My dad demonstrated how to make this Mother’s Day Ring:

Handcrafted Birthstone/Mother's Ring

Tools You will Need:

Sterling Silver Wire, or Gold Filled Wire




Wire Cutters



Here is the Youtube video:

Tales of the Shop:

This picture below is a Mothers Day that I remember vividly, because this was the last Mothers Day that I celebrated with my mom before I moved to Michigan.  Zach in this picture is nine months old, and today he is seven.  One day we will be closer to celebrate in person.  But until then, mom know that we love you!





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14 Jewelry Wire Designs

Growing up we always had a jewelry shop in our house.  Our Jewelry Shop has extended to the outside, in the garage, basement, TV room, car, bedroom, and the list goes on and on.

That is the wonderful thing about making jewelry it is so portable!

Since I am far away from the amazing jewelry shop that has all the tools and gadgets in the world that is shown here in the video below, I had to come up with my own personal jewelry workshop, that all fits in the size of a shoe box.


That is one of the wonderful things about making jewelry, it can be as simple or as ornate as you want.

Jewelry making is one of the best  hobbies, because the start up cost is not very much.

These 14 designs that I will show you, require only wire and some pliers.

You can get Sterling Silver Wire Anywhere!  Look on Amazon, look on Etsy,

or you can even ask us, and we will find something for you!

The pliers I use are in this jewelry kit:

And now to prove to you that you can become a jeweler with these two items, wire and pliers, here are some fun designs:

1.  Shamrock Ring Tutorial:




2.  Heart Earring Tutorial:





3.   Heart Earrings With a Twist




4.  Heart Hoop Earring Tutorial




5.  Heart Dangle Earring Tutorial




6.  Make and Earring With a Fork:




7.  Fork Earrings With a Twist:




8.  Hammered Hoop Earrings:




9.  Hoop Earrings:

mini hoops

The youtube video also shows you how to make a regular hoop earring, if that is what you would like to do, and not add the hammered part of the earring.  The regular hoop earrings is shown above.


10,  Circle Within a Circle




11.  Circle Earring Tutorial:




12.  Zig Zag Earring:




13.  Triangle Earring Tutorial




14.  Diamond Earring Tutorial




Tales of the Shop:

A sad event happened on April 15th, that I have not quite gotten over.  Jonathan Crombie who played Gilbert Blythe in the Anne of Green Gables series passed away.

I am actually a little obsessed with Anne of Green Gables…

I remember reading Anne of Green Gables the summer before my freshman year of highschool and absolutely loving it!  I wished I had red hair, loved Anne’s spunk, and said to my dad that I would one day live in Canada.  He said that there was no way that was going to happen, but guess what people, dreams come true:)


Out of all the places that I would love to visit in the world it would be Prince Edward Island, which I get to visit in a couple of weeks.  Another dream come true!

I will be forever grateful for Jonathan for portraying the perfect Gilbert Blythe.

And for my solace I just sat and looked at youtube for awhile.  Finding the best Anne and Gilbert moments, because let’s be honest that is the reason I watch the movies!



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In Honor of National Siblings Day

I LOVE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!  DSC_1291-e1380672721880

How can I even put into words what my brothers and sisters mean to me?


We all had the same childhood, we have seen each other in the worst of times and the best of times.


Oh the memories I have are priceless!


These memories are what I treasure and hope and pray that my boys will love each other as much as we love each other!



To commemorate this day, I would like to go around the circle to tell you how much you all mean to me!


Thank you Collette for being my confidante, my protector and therapist.  How I love you Collette.  Moving to El Paso was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, because this was where I discovered that the best friends in life are your family!  I still remember how scary it was to go to the new Franklin High School and did not know anyone,  Except I had had you and that was all I ever needed!  Thank you for letting tag along:)  You still are such a big factor in my life, thank you for your example and always cheering for your Canadians:)


Nicole – Oh Nicole, thank you for always being the one who picks me up on the side of the road, for doing fun things, for being my best friend in Highschool when Collette had to leave for College.  For being such a good mom and teaching me how to do it.  For starting the Hoops by Hand business and letting me a part of it!


Thomas – to know you is to like you, you are always so full of joy.  Thanks for your optimism, and marrying such a beautiful lady that we get to have for our sister in law!  You an incredible person with such integrity and can do it attitude.  You are such a blessing, and a fun dad indeed!



Daniel – aka Manny Head.  Oh Dan where do I start?  You are my soft spot, and so sweet and sensitive!  I treasure the walks we would go on growing up.  I love thinking back on the Shop memories and how you detested working with all of your heart.  I love how precious you are and how you are a kid at heart.  My boys love you and consider you a Pokemon Master.  I am grateful that you married a beautiful princess that only adds to our family.ANG55DSC_1030

Lisa – Oh Ang, you little baben, hunnard.  When you came to our family we rejoiced!  I tell everyone you are the star of the family!  You are wise beyond your years, so happy, know what you want out of life and so righteous.  I will always treasure the time when you came to visit me when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Bennett and Timmy was gone.  I didn’t know what to do, and then you came, and all was right with the world!


The best part of having siblings, is that you can keep them forever! It is fun to see my brothers and sisters get married, start families, and progress through life.


With all of you by my side the future only looks bright!


By the way, did I tell you guys that I love you?


Love always,



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Just a Friendly Nursing Reminder Ring

When I was in Middle School my family and I were visiting my Aunt and Uncle in California.  My Aunt was feeding her sweet baby girl and she would do an unusual thing. She would switch her ring after she was done breastfeeding and put the ring on the side she just finished breastfeeding on. When her baby was ready to eat again, she starting breastfeeding her baby on the side that had the ring on it.
Nursing Ring Reminder.001

This memory has stayed with me and I thought, one day I will use this method because it is GENIUS!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading

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Easter Printables

My sweet Sister in law Caitie, has done it again. She has used her sweet skills to make another cute Printable. I am so grateful for her!

Click on the picture below to get the printable version!

Easter Printables.001

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Birds Nest Ring Tutorial

Birds Nest Ring Tutorail.001

Spring is finally here! Can you believe it? Continue reading

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Dinner with my family for 365 Days!!!!!!!!!


March 14th 2014 documented a momentous day for me, not only because it is my beautiful sister Nicole’s Birthday on that day but I started to write down on a calendar what we ate for dinner every night.

DSC_0732 DSC_0733


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Lucky Horseshoe Ring Tutorial

When I saw this ring in the our Etsy shop, I immediately called my sister, my dad and of course my mom to let them know that I LOVE this ring.

Lucky Horseshoe

I LOVED it so much that I needed to know how my dad created it, and so he was kind enough to show me: Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day Printables!

My wonderful sister in law Caitie, worked her magic again, and created this awesome printable:)

Click on this link below, this link will lead you to another link, click on that and then you will see it, I promise:)

I’m so lucky to know you

So Lucky

If perchance you are unable to see the link, please let me know!


Tales of the Shop
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