Shamrock Ring Tutorial!

I am so excited to show you these amazing Shamrock Earrings, created and made by my dad, also known as the pops!


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was struggling with making a Shamrock earring. So I turned to a source that would understand my situation… my dad.

So to cheer me up he said that he would come up with something, and this is what he came up with.


The thoughts that went through my head was WOW, thank heavens someone in the family knows how to make the lucky Shamrock!

Here is a tutorial to show you how to make this amazing ring.

The tools you will need are:

Copper Wire to practice – you could also make your ring in Copper wire and wear it but it may turn your hand a different color…

Sterling Silver


Flat head pliers



Wire cutters

Pliers – my favorite red pliers that I have yet to find on Amazon, just go to Home Depot and they will be there, I promise!

We were so excited about this new design, that we added it to our Etsy Shop as well.

Tales of the Shop

I am one lucky girl and my brothers and sisters would agree to have such an amazing dad with an incredible talent for jewelry. Whenever I am asked why I moved a lot of places when I was younger, or how I know how to make jewelry, or why my family gets along so well, or why was I willing to move to Canada so far away from my family?  All the whys can be summed up in one word: JEWELER.

dad as a boy

Because our dad is a jeweler we were able to move to a lot of fun places and meet the most incredible people. Moving does not scare us, because we have learned that wherever we go there will be amazing people who will be there to help us and become our friends.


Because our dad is a jeweler he taught his family how to make jewelry.  We spent a lot of time together making jewelry in the basement.  Even now as the family is far apart, jewelry is what is still bringing us together via Hoops by Hand.

ANG54DSC_1132Because our dad is a jeweler he taught us that you can do anything you put your mind to and not be afraid of the unknown, but to embrace it.

Because our dad is a jeweler he is willing to spend time out of his busy life to make an amazing tutorial just because he loves to design new pieces of jewelry.

pearl ring

My brothers and Sisters have literally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, because our Dad is a Jeweler:)




DSC_1095 DSC_1096


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Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Maybe a Pot o’ Gold?

St. Patricks day is coming up fast!  Oh what a fun holiday St. Patricks day is. What I like about this holiday is you can go as crazy as you want, and the kids will love it.  Or you can do absolutely nothing, and they will still be all right…As was the case last year.

The one thing that is tradition, is wearing GREEN or else you will be pinched.  My dad would trick us every year by wearing any color but green except for his thumb nail he had colored with marker green.  We would run to find him in the morning and pinch him, and then remembered the green thumb, and we would start running:)  That is the kind of house I grew up in, we did not go crazy with the holidays but we did just enough to make it special.

I would like to add a new element to this jewelry tutorial, they are BEADS!!!!!!


My ideal plan was to make a four leaf clover pendant, and let me tell you I have beginners luck.  While attempting my first four leaf clover it turned out awesome, and then I was struggling to repeat what I had just done!  That is why there was not a post last week, because I was hoping to make this illusive four leaf clover that has yet to transform into something not hideous!  Even Bennett is trying to run over it with his car!


So I turned to my old faithful, the Hoop Earring, these I can make in my sleep!  Maybe that is why we called our Etsy shop and Blog Hoops by Hand, it takes us back to our happy place, when we are struggling with other jewelry designs…

So without further ado here are the Rainbow Hoop Earrings.


The supplies you will need are:


All of these pictured above:

Rolling Pin

Wire Cutters


Round nose pliers


Polishing Cloth

Begin with making a hoop:


Here is an amazing tutorial on how to make a Hoop Earring, the music credit goes out to my amazing sister Lisa.

Then you arrange the earrings to represent the correct order of the rainbow, which is not this:


Here is a link to help you remember the colors of the rainbow:

Here is the right way:)


Before you make the entire Hoop Earring, you first need to slide on the beads:


Or you can be fancy and make the eye of the hoop:


Then you can finish it up by turning up the wire:


And there you have it!


Have a Happy St. Patricks DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can even take this up a notch, by switching the beads according to the upcoming holiday…just a thought!

Tales of the Shop:

Jamesy Boy turned ONE!!!!!!  To me one is a celebration for the mom and the baby, by surviving the first year together.  So I naturally got myself birthday presents for myself as well as my sweet little angel:)

DSC_0999 DSC_0898 DSC_0901 DSC_0910 DSC_0912 DSC_0919 DSC_0934 DSC_0953

The cake was made by the same lady you who made these amazing cookies, we just refer to her as Angel on earth.

How I love my Jamesy Boy, these past year has seemed slow/fast.  I guess the way to describe it is the days and nights are long, but the weeks fly by…or something like that.  All I know is that every day I love this little lamb more and more and I cannot imagine my life without him.  He is the perfect fit to our family, and we are grateful for him!DSC_0522 DSC_0526 DSC_0527 DSC_0531



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Beat the Boogers

Cold and Flu Season

My sweet Sister Nicole was kind enough to write the blog post this week about something that is SUPER IMPORTANT, bronchiolitis, or as my sister put it in understandable terms for me…  A really bad cold.

My sweet Jamesy boy got really sick in November Continue reading

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Free Valentines Day Printables

So Valentines Day is this week, which means that I better get my boys writing out some Valentines ASAP!  This is the first year they decided to pick out girl Valentines for the ladies in their class.  They took it very seriously and after a LONG time they decided on Frozen.  Which surprises me because they have never been drawn to the movie…Which is beyond me because it is AWESOME!

heart loop

If you are wanting to add to your Valentine Ideas, Continue reading

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Heart Earring Tutorials


It occurred to me the other day, that Valentines day is next week! How in the world did that happen?

Last year I really was into designing heart earrings. Continue reading

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The perfect Earrings to go with your favorite necklace.

So I just had finished the whole post on how to make your Perfect Earrings, and lo and behold, I did something crazy and deleted it all! What are the chances? It is amazing how one slip of the hand can cause such devastation. Luckily I was not writing a thesis or you know something I worked on for decades. But still!!!!!!

Here is hoping that this post will be as coherent as the last post, but I guarantee you one thing, it will probably be a lot shorter:) Because it might happen again…

It is very rare that I buy jewelry, because my dad is the jeweler, and I tell my husband all the time that he is so lucky that he does not have to worry about getting me jewelry! I am sure he appreciates it:)

There are on occasion that I do buy jewelry, and when I do it is usually at a Thrift store, or my neighbor comes over with her amazing finds and then asks to borrow my jewelry tools which I happily oblige to do.

She had found this beautiful necklace at Platos Closet, and wanted to make earrings. So she looked at the necklace and thought, I think I know where my earrings will come from.


Continue reading

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How to make Dangle Earrings with Beads

Happy New Year! I am loving the year 2015 so far.  It is mainly because I just celebrated my birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge, and it was AWESOME!  It could be because this year I am not pregnant…who knows, all I know is that it will only get better!

To make up for my lack of jewelry posts this past year, I am going to make it up to you by actually doing a jewelry post.  Which involves beads, Sterling Silver wire, pen and pliers.


Continue reading

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Our MOM – using the ABCS

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday January 8th.  I was not able to be around the circle for my amazing mom, so I wanted to give her an ABC tribute.


A – Athletic – Incredible bowler, tennis player, aerobics, elliptical, walking and weight        training. Continue reading

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2014 – A Year in Review

A New Year is approaching upon us quickly!  I have no doubt that 2015 will be a lucky year:)  This past year for Hoops by Hand has been a lot of fun.  Here is a recap of what the year has brought:)

This was the year that I thought I would do the 52 week ChallengeContinue reading

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Merry Christmas!

This year we will not be visiting family.  My husband and I looked at each other and said, “What do we do?”  Luckily we have grown up with some fun traditions that we decided to go with the basics/classics. Continue reading

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